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Two boys and a riding toy

Two boys and a riding toy

Image by anyjazz65
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GI Joe & Lillie – The Oak Ridge Boys

I am NOT a part of youtubes partner program. All advertisement you see on this channel are embedded by Google which now owns Youtube – This video was uploaded to honor GI Joe & Lillie & our military… and support promote the Oak Ridge Boys music. Content owner: EMI Copyright information Some Thoughts on GI Joe and Lillie in 2009 The Book: GI Joe & Lillie: Remembering a Life of Adore and Loyalty is available in most book shops. The “audio” CD is obtainable off The Oak Ridge Boys Album – Colors And can be purchased at Video Production: Halsey Business Performance produced and directed by: Sherman Halsey B-roll produced and directed by: Matt Anthony and Warren Stitt
Video Rating: four / 5

Big Boy’s Toys – Monaco

Big Boy’s Toys – Monaco

Image by neilalderney123
Just one of the hundreds of "big boy’s toys" in the main harbour in Monaco.
I hate to think how much something like this is worth!
3exp Hand Held HDR
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What song is this lyric from? “This is the way I live, small boys still pushing big wheels”?

Question by Morgan M: What song is this lyric from? “This is the way I live, small boys still pushing huge wheels”?
This is a newer song on the radio, it is and hip-hop/rap song. Possibly two artists on the track. I would like to know the name of the artist and/or song.

Best answer:

Answer by jsauls3271
This is the way i Live -Baby Boy

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