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Silly Bandz Review & Coupon Code

Silly Bandz Review & Coupon Code

Silly Bandz are all the craze right now and Silly Bandz Global has major discounts and coupons which on Silly Bandz, which you can get right now by clicking the coupon link below:

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Silly Bandz Review:

Silly Bandz are wrist bands that come in a variety of shapes, such as animals, holiday shapes, Barbie shapes, random shapes, and much more. When you put them on your arm, they don’t retain their original shape anymore and they look like crazy wrist bands, basically “silly.”

The hottest trend for young kids right now is Silly Bandz and they are a very affordable holiday gift to your child. When I was a kid, I wanted the newest video game systems and a bunch of games which added up to a hefty price. What could be better than kids getting into wrist bands that are simple and very affordable?!

Silly Bandz Global has the best prices on Silly Bandz and they are starting to be carried at many different places.

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These Silly Bandz have even been featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show as one of the current trends that are popular.

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Bluetooth / Accelerometer Remote Control Tank from Cell Phone + Code + Schematic

This is the very first revision of a Bluetooth RC robot employing a Nokia E75 smartphone with xyz accelerometers for control. No pulse-width modulation is incorporated at this point, so the robot only has five states: forward, reverse, left, proper, and stop. Key components consist of the RN-41-SM Bluetooth module (available at, Atmel ATtiny2313 AVR Microcontroller, L298N H-bridge, and a voltage booster (accessible at Total price is about . Code for the microcontroller / smartphone and schematic are available at in the folder named ‘Bluetooth Remote Control Tank’. The robot is also quickly controlled from a computer terminal program utilizing a keyboard numberpad. Really feel totally free to subscribe to our channel. Appear forward to implementing PWM so the robot can move at rates corresponding to the accelerometer information (ie quantity of tilt).
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Leap Frog – Talking Words Factory 2 – Code Word Caper

Leap Frog – Talking Words Factory 2 – Code Word Caper


When Mr. Websley is accidentally silenced by the Silent E Machine, Leap, Lily, and Tad must journey through the Complex Word Complex to build the code words needed to return his voice. Guided only by the “Absent Professor Device,” the kids learn how

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List Price: $ 14.98

Price: $ 4.92