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Vintage Dungeons & Dragons Commercial

Retro D&D Commercial from early ’80′s
Video Rating: 4 / 5

GI Joe PSA Tv Commercial

This is an old GI Joe Television Puplic Service Announcement about fire safety.

Mego Action Jackson Commercial

Lately restored Action Jackson commercial from 1972. Courtesy of the video “70s Toy Explosion”. Like Mego? Check out the 3rd annual Megomeet convention Saturday June 2nd.

Spikor Commercial masters of the universe

spikor commercial from masters of the universe toy line
Video Rating: 4 / five

Teddy Ruxpin Commercial

This is an old Teddy Ruxpin commercial I keep in mind from when I was a kid. This boy was just attempting to share his Teddy Ruxpin with all these children for show n’ tell but all those stupid youngsters laughed at him when he stated his Teddy Ruxpin could speak. All those children got OWNED by Teddy in the end.
Video Rating: 4 / five

LEGO Build Together : House Tv Commercial

Check out this amazing Father and Son creation!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mego Star Trek Communication Console Commercial

From the the DVD 70′s toy explosion comes this newly remastered cut of the classic Mego Star Trek Communications console commercial. Look for the Kirk and Spock dolls creating a cameo.

Vintage Mego Star Trek Action Figure Collection Television Commercial 70′s

1970′s brought Mego Star Trek Dolls-”Action Figures”. For much more Mego go to us at

Mego 12″ Superhero’s Vintage Toy Commercial

Vintage Toys Mego 12″ Super Hero’s commercial from the 70′s, courtesty of Featuring Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk and other people.
Video Rating: four / 5


Vintage classic Tv commercial for Slinky. These ads aired in the 1960s.
Video Rating: 4 / 5