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2 Radio – controlled Shocking Tanks

2 Radio – controlled Shocking Tanks

  • Two remote controlled battled tanks with infra red guns
  • Two control units with built in shocking function and speakers
  • A direct hit on the tank shocks the driver via the control unit
  • Indicator lights show when you have been hit. Five strikes and you’re out
  • Battle sound effects for added excitemen

Battle Zone: 2 Radio – controlled Shocking Tanks. Tank vs. Tank! Two Battle Tanks duke it out with 2 different remote controls. You’re on the offensive, rolling down the hallway. Suddenly, your opponent emerges from behind a box. He fires his infrare

List Price: $ 60.00

Price: $ 60.00

Indispensable Items That Go Into Creating Your Personalised Radio Controlled Model Submarine

Indispensable Items That Go Into Creating Your Personalised Radio Controlled Model Submarine

There are numerous hobbies and activities that men and women discover fulfilling to engage in. When it comes to radio controlled miniature models, there is nothing that beats getting the power to develop your own radio controlled model project. Building a submarine model project is 1 extremely difficult but fulfilling activity. Submarines are sophisticated engineering submersible “ships” that are utilized by a lot of Navy fleets in countries the globe more than.

If you want to develop your own RC model submarine, there are two methods that you can in fact build 1. One way you could create it is by getting an already built toy model submarine and adding additional functions to make it a radio controlled model.

The other strategy to developing a radio controlled submarine would be to get an industrial mold or premade Hull Kit and working on it to make an RC submarine model. The 1 approach is for folks who get pleasure from a very good challenge and the approach of creation. The second one is for anybody who just wants to get pleasure from the results. Let’s look at the a lot more challenging model.

 A brief Checklist of every little thing you want to construct your creating RC model submarine:

A RC submarine model plan

A RC compatible Hull Kit or Hull PVC pipes

A Radio Controller and internal Motoring Program

The Appropriate tools

The checklist for creationists:

A laid out RC Model program – You will need a visual representation of the model you want to construct. You can do this by acquiring a detailed program of what makes a submarine or possibly basic picture. The former will be far more perfect for your project.

The Hull Kit Frame -You will require the frame, if you are constructing your RC model from scratch you may opt for either PVC pipe that is created of Hull, if you are able to discover it, you might also use Lexan plastic. You can also find pre-created Hull kits for RC submarine models from a number of vendors. For the interior to make it watertight, you might also contemplate getting plastic tubes to seal the interior or merely opt for a pre-fabricated watertight cylinder unit.

Radio Controller and Motor Program for the Submarine – This might contain the transmitter and receiver that will be required for the RC submarine. You will have to pick in between how numerous channels you need to have on the controller such as the throttle, the rudder and dive planes. You will also need to have to get the a number of motors for numerous direction manage, batteries and other internal parts that will create the controller program that will be inside your RC model submarine.

Appropriate tools – Tiny and large screwdrivers with all head sorts, a hex wrench important set, precision nut drivers and needle nose pliers may all be required for your project.

Creating your own RC submarine model can be a rewarding task if you have all the needed items in place and get to working on it with passion.

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The Many Reasons for Utilizing Remote Controlled Boats

The A lot of Reasons for Utilizing Remote Controlled Boats

Think it or not, people uncover a lot of distinct factors to use remote controlled boats. These fun little toys come in a number of different options such as size, color, style, speed, and durability. You will locate that there is a wide range of price points as nicely, how a lot you select to invest truly depends on how often you will use the RC boats, and what you will be utilizing them for. If you have some interest in remote controlled boats but you don’t know how you would use it, think about the following concepts.


Make RC boats your hobby, and you will never have to worry about how you will spend yet another Sunday afternoon once more. This can be a enjoyable and relaxing activity that you can do on your own or with pals and family members. You can even use your older remote controlled boats to fix other people just as you would if you have a motorcycle or vehicle hobby.

A lot of people tend to collect numerous distinct boats when this becomes their hobby.


It’s accurate, there are actual racing teams located all through the country, in which the teams practice racing their RC boats with every other, and then go head to head with other teams that want to race. Like any other sport, you have an objective, you have the teams pitted against each and every other, and you have fans cheering each one on. It is beginning to choose up a lot of steam as a common sports game so if you do not see a racing team in your region yet, rest assured you will. You may possibly even want to believe about being the 1 to start the team.


You can even go fishing with the use of remote controlled boats. You do not even have to leave land in order to take advantage of what these boats can do for you and your fishing objectives. You can take benefit of on the water fishing although staying ashore by simply using your RC boats to cast the fishing line and to pull fish in to shore. There is even an RC fishing pole on the marketplace that will fit any remote controlled boat. What a way to spend the day! The youngsters would surely love participating in this knowledge.


It may be enjoyable to just take your remote controlled boats out for a spin as soon as in awhile without it having to turn into something a lot more. You can take them out for a enjoyable day when you feel like it, and then put them away and forget about them for a few months if you want to. Because RC boats are so cost-effective, there is no reason not to invest in 1 or two.

Welcome to Remote Control Boats Plus, inside you will discover an remarkable choice of low priced and excellent quality remote controlled boats.

HMS Tireless, RC Radio Controlled Submarine

HMS Tireless 1:64 Scale (LOA 53″) Trafalgar Class, Submarine filmed on her maiden voyage. Filmed in a disused pool. Chase footage filmed by camera mounted on my 1:100 Scale Lafayette Class submarine, USS Woodrow Wilson.

Megatech Mega Pro Remote Controlled Race Truck

Megatech Mega Pro Remote Controlled Race Truck Best Offers
It screams down the road at 25 miles per hour

CSN Shops
$ 94.99
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How can I learn to make my own RCs. (Remote Controlled “Toys”)?

Question by Jonathan: How can I learn to make my own RCs. (Remote Controlled “Toys”)?
Such as robots, cars, boats, airplanes. You know? How can I learn to make this stuff? Where can I get a kit online to make one of these? I want it to be a realy good one not something super simple. So, what sort of kit would you reccomend? Anybooks I could read? Picture books? Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by mkimkilop
Go to your local hobby shop and buy a kit

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Creating a Radio Controlled Boat

Generating a Radio Controlled Boat

For some reason, becoming able to control a miniature boat as it skims over the water of a neighborhood lake is some thing that a lot of people find quite appealing. It doesn’t matter regardless of whether you are a kid or an adult remote controlled boats are universally fun. On leading of that, nothing is far more fun than undergoing a huge and daunting project, and eventually seeing the outcomes come by way of. For that reason you should consider creating a remote controlled boat on your own, out of materials that you can get from any neighborhood craft or hobby store. If you are here, you have likely already considered this prospect. It is far more than probable, and probably easier than you would feel.

Given that you have taken the far more fascinating route and decided to create your remote controlled boat rather than buy one pre-created, you will have really a couple of a lot more challenges facing you that you wouldn’t have run into otherwise. Nonetheless, all of the hard function that you put into your remote controlled boat will pay off in the end, and you will feel like you have actually accomplished some thing when you take it out to a lake for a day and it is able to successfully navigate the treacherous waters. You will most likely be frustrated along the way as your boat falls apart, or even sinks into the water in no way to be observed once again. Nevertheless, if you persevere you will be glad that you did.

Unless you have encounter in the construction of boats, you will possibly want to use plans that someone else has produced. You can come across plans for remote control boats all over the place – on the world wide web, in magazines, or in books. You may even use the plans for a full-sized boat, and make a scaled model of it. As long as you are confident that the motor and radio components will not interfere, this is a excellent route to take. Regardless of where you get your strategy, you will require one that is utterly clear in every single aspect. Even the slightest typo or misreading could result in your boat sinking, or spinning in circles struggling to remain afloat.

As you build the boat, you will need fairly a couple of supplies, initial, the wood is a quite critical part. If you are using custom plans, wood is almost certainly the material you will be working with. You can come across quantities of light wood such as balsa at your neighborhood hobby store. You really should always get additional, since a wood that light is prone to snapping when you least anticipate it. The wood is held together utilizing glue, and you will start off with a hull-shaped structure then plate it with sheets of wood. Following it is all carried out, you caulk the holes and cracks with some sort of putty, then spray it all with a sealant to make it waterproof. Soon after that, you are free to paint it nevertheless you see fit.

The motor equipment on a radio controlled boat need to have far more attention paid to it than other remote controlled projects like cars or planes. If even one droplet of water gets into the electrical components, your entire project will be ruined, and you will have to acquire new (possibly high-priced) radio equipment. Waterproofing the motor equipment is fairly hard, and you should often test it with no electricity involved prior to you really go out on your maiden voyage. It is generally accomplished by having the motor extend an arm via a waterproof sealant that will avoid any water from finding in.

There are several parts to the procedure of producing a radio controlled boat, and each and every one needs to have close attention paid to it. As lengthy as you can invest this time, you should have a wonderful expertise. You do not want the small sailors in your boat frantically tossing things overboard as they attempt to remain afloat, do you?

Written by LiamB
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Radio Controlled Racing Sailboats

Radio Controlled Racing Sailboats

This is the “Radio Controlled Racing Sailboats” Book / from Traplet Publications. / Author: Chris Jackson / / FEATURES: Softcover 106 page book / Black and white photos / You’ll find great tips on: / – Basic sailing theory / – Hull moulding in polye


Interactive Toy Concepts® Radio – controlled Cooler

Interactive Toy Concepts® Radio – controlled Cooler

  • Holds up to 12 cold drinks in ice
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Up to a 30-ft. range
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • Includes wireless remote

Radio – controlled Cooler, ON SALE! Just sit back and take the controls on your next soda pop delivery. Insulated sides keep your drinks cold for the big game, allowing the RC Cooler to cater your friends’ drink needs without you leaving your perch.

List Price: $ 70.00

Price: $ 44.99