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ANYONE from the D.C. metro area…………….?

Question by dctrod225: ANYONE from the D.C. metro area…………….?
PLEASE tell me Y the fad now is to look as trashy as possible ?
I don’t care what U say, it does not look good at all.
If U are frome the D.C. area then U know exactly what I mean. the young teenagers have LOST THAIR MINDS, they all look like “RAGGEDY ANN” or neglected “CABBAGE-PATCH” dolls.
I’m sireous, girls wear 90 difrent colors and mo-hawk hair styles, BIG PLASTIC costume jewelry(ear rings,bracelets,necklesses), pants and a skirt——- ALL AT THE SAME DAG_ON TIME.
W_T_F ?????
I am dead sirious people, I’m only telling it like it is, RAGGEY ANN and neglected CABBAGE-PATCH dolls ……. It’s sad.
The thing is,to look like U just didn’t give a F–K when U came outside.
And I dont care what U say > IT’s NOT CUTE <, but Y do U do it ?????????????
If u'r from th D.C metro area- PLEASE respond.

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Answer by tericee
They dress like that in London too, if it makes you feel any better…

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