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Educational Board Games for Kids – 2010 Review

Educational Board Games for Children – 2010 Review

This brief review will cover the Leading 5 Board Games in Children’s Education for 2010. Every one has received at least 1 accolade or award from educational institutions and Board Game Associations.

Education Board Games are a regular feature in our house. We typically manage to turn any board game into a enjoyable lesson for our kids. Nonetheless, not all board games were developed equal. Some are better than others.

Here, in no specific order are our reviews of five really well-liked educational Children Board Games for 2010. In No specific Order:

1. The Brainbox Game Series

The Brainbox series of board or and games are of UK origin and have been a runaway success. The basic thrust of the Brainbox range is this: Players have 10 seconds to study info on 1 side of the card before being asked a question from the back which has been chosen by the roll of the die.

It is a social and memory recall game that is created to foster interaction and cognitive development. Its is suitable for 8yrs and up. This has been a especially profitable educational board game for both classroom and residence.

Brainbox can be utilized with entire families and the pace is set by the players. Subjects covered consist of Geography, Australian Facts, Maths, A 1st Pictures Brainbox for 6yrs and under, and Nature.

We suggest Brainbox as suitable for House school environments. Brainbox does not bog you down with loads of rules and methods. It is straight cognitive development. Brainbox takes very little preparation, the game is fast and the questions give a lot of selection on a number of educational subjects.

2. Akumulate

Akumulate is an Australian developed educational board game for youngsters after the manner of Scrabble. It was created by world renowned Educational Guru, Dr. Wood and the Mind Challenge Centre.

AKumulate assists develop numerical and spatial thinking by intersecting numbers with space. Players need to master the space to control the numbers and they must do it by right (though basic) mathematics.

This educational board game needs some patience to grasp the rules and would be suitable for 10yrs and up. It is not a fast game but a game of methodical thinking and constant add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Conscious of the difficulty of acquiring children to get pleasure from maths, Dr. Wood’s Akumulate is attention grabbing with its strong blue and red colours. The Akumulate pieces are enjoyable to play with and are usually good high quality.

The only downside to this game is that it truly will only ever do one thing and, if at the end of the day, you don’t enjoy numbers, it is not likely to hold your attention. Nevertheless, as a teaching tool it does work and if you enjoy numbers, you will flourish in this educational board game.

three. Mount Kilajava

Mount Kilajava is a Fair Trade Coffee Board Game from the folks of Monsoon Games in New Zealand. Although the board game itself is new and not well identified, the ethos behind it is growing in popularity amongst educators who use board games with Kids. That ethos is about the promotion of Fair Trade and equitable resources.

Mt. Kilajava put the young player in the hot seat as a farmer who must deal with economics, poor weather and intelligent trade in order to prosper. As an Educational Board game for Kids it has limited use in the classroom but that limited use is not to be mistaken for no use.

Despite the fact that it is only a two player game it is really social and a great way of developing bonds between classmates or family members and understanding the nature of main production.

Mt Kilajava makes an important point that for farmers in the developing world growing coffee is a extremely precarious occupation, and slumps in world coffee prices can and do have a catastrophic effect on the lives of millions of growers who are reliant on coffee for their income.

4. Sorts for Children

Sorts for Youngsters recently won the Prestigious Children’s Game of the Year. As an Educational Board Game for Children, Sorts has been very productive in introducing the concept of “putting things in order”.

Sorts for Youngsters plays on the fascination of organising and categorising any one of a hundred subjects. It makes requests of Children like,

“Sort these things by their height – from shortest to tallest: school desk, golf buggy, adult lion, shopping trolley.”

The beauty is the simplicity of the game play and the reality that the game can cater for a larger number of players. The Educational value of this Children Board game is its development and discrimination of objects in the world around them.

Sorts assists develop discernment and levels of categorisation that will be developed all through their education and is also a lot of enjoyable. One really fun component of Sorts for Kids is the “Line Up”. When players pick a line-up card they ought to line themselves up according to all manner of intriguing criteria.

five. Peoples of the Planet

Peoples of the Planet is a culture and History based Educational Board Game for Youngsters and comes from France. It has won two prestigious awards: The Corporate Anti-Racism Award and the Dr Toy, Most Socially Responsible Game Award.

As a wonderful world explorer, the players travel back in time visiting the most intriguing peoples and locations in History. The goal of Peoples of the Planet is to collect Exploration Cards from each of the nine time periods of History to make up their Fantastic Book of Ages.

It is age range is typically 10yrs and above and it can accommodate up to five players. This is a particularly useful educational Board Game for Kids in little group settings such as House school or library groups.

These Picks for 2010 are only a quite small handful of the very good high quality Educational Board Games fro Kids that are now offered. Not all are suitable for each environment.

Whenever you are choosing Educational Board Games you require to contemplate, not only the age and ability of the Kids you are attempting to educate but also your goal.

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The Interesting Origins Of Educational Wooden Toys

The Interesting Origins Of Educational Wooden Toys

One would think with all the bright gadgets and gimmicks overloading children’s senses in today’s toy market, they wouldn’t have any time for the simpler things in life. This is not the case, as wooden toys are still as popular as they ever were. Toys made from wood have a certain straightforwardness about them that encourages a child to use their imagination. It doesn’t matter whether they are painted bright colors or natural, kids love to play with them.

A Brief History of Wooden Toys

Archaeologists have reported finding spinning tops made from wood as evidence that wooden toys have been around since ancient times. Hand crafted dolls and animals have been found which were made for children in dating back as far as 1100BC. Wood for toy making would have been their first choice since it is so readily available and not hard to work with. Wooden building sets, dolls houses, jack-in-the-boxes and jig saw puzzles are all wooden toys designed in the 1800′s which are still very popular today.

Toy Peddlers

It was in the sixteenth century that Germany started producing toys for trade. The men who made them would travel around the country selling them as they went. They were time consuming to make, and were considered a treat or gift for unforgettable events. Some craftsmen were lucky to be enlisted to make toys for the royals, and were paid well for their work.

Educational Wooden Toys

Whenever we think of wooden toys we think of the little blocks with the alphabet painted on them or engraved into the wood. Toys that children could learn from date back as far as the eighteenth century in the UK. When adults saw how much a child could develop their imagination playing with the blocks, they sought out more miniature friends for them. Small hand crafted animals and dolls then became more common.

If you don’t think alphabet blocks then you definitely think wooden trains when you hear about vintage toys. It was in the nineteenth century that a lot more thought was put into creating children’s toys. Craftsmen developed revolutionary items like the jack in the box, wooden army men, complex houses for girls dolls and wind up toys with moving parts. They made trucks and trains with tracks and just about anything appropriate they could to make children feel like miniature versions of their parents.

Wooden Building Toys

The twentieth century saw a boom in the building industry, both commercial and domestic. It seemed relevant, with so many father’s going to work, that a range of toys be bought out for children who wanted to be like their dads. Interlocking and interchangeable pieces that came in sets so children could build things is what they released. Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys are two companies who produced these wooden toys, and they are still around today.

There are so many flashing, plastic, battery operated toys in stores that it comes to the point where they all seem to blend into one. It is so lovely to see a child surrounded with hi tech toys and their eyes still light up when a wooden train is introduced. They may be more expensive because they aren’t mass produced in Asia, but they pass the test of time and have great benefits in stimulating a child’s individuality and creativity. They are also classic decorations as well.


Still nowadays wooden toys are the favorite for many children. They are great for developing creativity and many are designed to educate them as well. Don’t fall for the hype of cheap five minute wonder toys, but instead invest in quality that will last lifetimes.

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Educational Toddler Toys

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