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Disney Fairies 5″ Figures 2 Pack ~ Tinker Bell & Prilla

Disney Fairies 5″ Figures 2 Pack ~ Tinker Bell & Prilla

  • Includes 5″ Tinker Bell: Brave & Loyal Fairy
  • Includes 5″ Prilla: Laughter-Talent Fairy
  • Includes Bonus Tales and Activities DVD
  • Fairy Wings Flutter
  • For Ages 4 and Up

Believing is just the beginning. . . Enter a secret, enchanted world where only Disney Fairies live, playing music, dancing and singing under the light of fireflies. It’s Pixie Hollow, the home of Tinker Bell and all her fairy friends! To go there, j

List Price: $ 36.95

Price: $ 36.95

G.I. JOE Hasbro 3 3/4″ Wave five Action Figures Comic Book 2-Pack Cobra Commander and Tripwire

G.I. JOE Hasbro three three/4″ Wave 5 Action Figures Comic Book two-Pack Cobra Commander and Tripwire

  • G.I. Joe – 2008 – Comic Pack – Hasbro
  • Cobra Commander vs Tripwire Action Figures
  • Exclusive Larry Hama Comic
  • Comic #9 – Explosive Thoughts Problem
  • Restricted Edition

2008 – Hasbro – G.I. Joe – Comic Pack – Cobra Commander vs Tripwire Mine Detector Action Figures – With Exclusive Larry Hama Comic – Comic #9 “Explosive Thoughts” Problem – New – Mint in Package – Limited Edition – Collectible

List Cost: $ five.61

Price: $ five.61

Star Trek: Original Series Mego ‘Cloth Retro’ Sulu & Gorn Action Figures Set of 2

Star Trek: Original Series Mego ‘Cloth Retro’ Sulu & Gorn Action Figures Set of 2

Featuring the first-ever Sulu and the menacing Gorn, this seventh series of Star Trek retro cloth figures might make intergalactic history! Utilizing the original best-selling sculpts plus a never-before released Sulu sculpt, these 8″ reproductions f

List Price: $ 39.98

Price: $ 39.98

Happy Days Set of 12 Action Figures

Pleased Days Set of 12 Action Figures

Set of 12 Diverse Pleased Days 8 inch Action figure produced in 2005 by Classic Television Toys

List Cost: $ 79.99

Price: $ 79.99

Mego Reiissue Boxed Figures, Complete Set of 19 Figures Including, Knights, Western, Pirates and Robin Hood

Mego Reiissue Boxed Figures, Complete Set of 19 Figures Which includes, Knights, Western, Pirates and Robin Hood

  • Total set of 19 Mego re-issue 8″ Articulated Action Figures
  • Set of 5 Knoghts in Armour
  • Set of 6 Western Heroes
  • Set Of 4 Pirates
  • Set of 4 Robin hood and his Merry Men

Mego Style Re-Problem Action Figure Set of 19 Figures.
Brand New.
Every single Figure Individually packaged in a full colored box.
These figures are re-problems of the Mego action figures produced in the 1970′s.
Consists of:

World’s Greatest Super Knights

List Price: $ 99.00

Price: $ 99.00



Getting collectible action figures is a long procedure as you need to feel which figures to decide on and which to ignore. You make an extensive search on-line and offline just before making a decision. It’s a stressful process. Well, your job is not done yet, following purchasing the figures you also want to take proper care of them so that you can gladly show them to your pals. You require to maintain your action figures toys often and for that here are some valuable ideas.

1. The Preservation –

The preservation of collectible action figures is not a complex method, it is quite simple. In fact, the packaging of these toys is not created to protect them from sunlight, so it is better to store your toys in a waterproof container away from windows or you can also store them in a cardboard at a place that does not permit moisture. Storing the action figures toys in the basement is also not a very good idea. When you store your figure toys in the basement in a cardboard packing and if the basement gets really cold, the packing might grow to be damp and the cards will begin to bend. Storing the collectible action figures in an airtight container is essential at places that have fluctuations in temperature.

2. Displaying the Figures

When you want to display your collectible action figures carded, you can do it at a location where the sunlight is not coming directly on the figures. At a place like a recreation room, you could hang them on the walls. And for loose (without having packing) action figures toys, a glass case or a shelf works well as lengthy as you maintain dust off them and also stop then from sunlight.

3. Typical Care of the Figures –

You really should also fight off dust and dirt that construct-up on the figures. When the figures get dirty, they can be simply cleaned by just soaking them in soapy water and scrubbing them gently with a soft toothbrush. Also the dust can be removed quickly with an air-propelled dust remover that is used for computers.

4. Caution for Packing –

You also need to take care of the backing as that cardboard employed is inexpensive and it can effortlessly bend or peel apart when improperly handled. Also, then natural oil of your finger may well cause the inks on the packing card to discolor when touched too frequently. All these points lessen the mint value of the action figures toys as mostly the collectors are concerned of such factor whilst getting a ‘mint on card’ action figure. So, if you store your toys in boxes, use sturdy plastic containers to keep out the excess humidity. Store each and every statue in separate plastic container.

5. Expanding Your Collection

When you collection starts looking paltry in your eyes, it is time to expand your collection of action figures toys. You need to replenish your collection each and every so usually to have the status of a prime action figure collector. While expanding your collection, maintain an critical thing in mind that high quality usually tops quantity.

So, 1st know what pieces you lack and which figures can improve the beauty of your collection. Always have the finest collection (yet cost-effective, do not go over budget) and take care of them.

So, maintain your collectible action figures in excellent condition always by following the above guide. This will give a long life to your collection.

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5 Hottest Batman Action Figures

5 Hottest Batman Action Figures

Batman action figures have always been popular since the year of 1960 when they were launched first time. We all have seen Batman in movies, comics and animated t.v. series. Of all the action figures, there are more figure toys of Batman than any other character.

Toy companies like Hasbro and Kenner produces hundreds of batman action figures toys every year with so many variation. The Batman statue is liked by millions of people worldwide. People of all ages like batman and batman toys.

Every time a new batman movie or comic book is released, new batman busts hit the market. The toy lines of batman figures are named after the batman movies or comic books. And the toys are dressed the same way as they are in the movie or comic book.

Batman is a favorite of all be it a kid or an office going person as every one admires and needs a hero in their lives.

5 Hottest Batman Action figures –

1. Batman Animated Action Figures -

When the ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ was released, Kenner produced a new line of batman action figures that was based on this movie. With this line of batman figures, Kenner introduced some new villains like Clayface, Scarecrow and Poison Ivy. The collectible toys of this collection were a hit and they were selling like hot cakes. So, add batman animated action figures to your collection.

2. Batman Dark Knight Action Figures -

In the year of 2008, Batman Dark Knight toy line was launched by toy manufacturer Mattel. The line of batman dark knight action figures has 5 inches toys. You will find a cool Bruce Wayne figure with this range. The figure of the villain ‘the Joker’ has a cartoon-like face. The toys of this range come with Bat-Mobile and other gadgets.

3. Batman Joker Action Figures –

The Joker is the main villain opposing Batman. You see him in Batman movies and he is also present in the batman joker action figures. Action figures of the joker are liked above all the other villain figures. The Joker is very popular among the batman fans as he heads the axis of all evils that opposes batman.

4. Batman Hush Action Figures -

‘Batman hush action figures’ is a must for all the fans of Batman. Every fan of batman should add this line of batman statue to his collection. The inspiration behind this line of batman action figures is the ‘Hush’ comic book story. The Hush is a story of a mysterious stalker ‘Hush’ and all he wants is to sabotage Batman.

5. Batman Begins Action Figures –

The busts of toy line ‘Batman Begins Action Figures’ are just great. This line was launched when the ‘Batman Begins’ movie was released in 2005. You can find batman action figures of 14″ armed projectiles and other gadgets. Some figures come with Batarang and Speedbike too. This is really a special batman toy line.

Make batman figures toys a part of your collection today.

Know more about all Batman Action figures and buy them on cheap prices from thousands of action figures toys options on

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Action Figures & Bobbleheads – the Perfect Gifts?

Action Figures & Bobbleheads – the Perfect Gifts?

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a family member or a friend or even a co-worker?  Action Figures or Bobbleheads can make a great gift idea!  We all have a favorite character from our favorite movie, as well as a favorite music icon.  The sports and entertainment industry offers endless ideas that you can incorporate into your great gift idea.  That great idea could be a Bobblehead or an Action Figure.  Action Figures come in all shapes and sizes.  Sizes usually range anywhere from 3 to 24 inches tall.  Some even come with motion activated movie accurate sound or lights!

Most Action Figures are available for a short time, which at some point, will be discontinued and never made again.  This makes them highly collectible and great for any fan of collectibles as their value rises during the natural course of time.

Bobbleheads, Head Knockers, or Head Nodders, as they’re referred to, can dress up any desk whether in the work office or home office.  You’ll have plenty of guests checking out your desk ornaments while sipping back some hot beverage (usually coffee).  Again, Bobbleheads come in all shapes and sizes.  Typical heights are 6 to 12 inches.

Not really sure which TV or movie theme to go for?  No problem.  Many figures or bobbleheads feature characters from the latest video games on the market including Halo 3, Guitar Hero, God of War, Bionic Commando, Ninja Gaiden, etc.  If they’re into sports, you can easily choose from NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL teams and players.  The sports choices are almost endless, from NBA Basketball players, NFL Football players, MLB Baseball players, and NHL Hockey players.  Some of these Action Figures are so highly detailed, you can spend hours marveling at the tedious work that goes into these figures.  Most sports Action Figures come with accessories such as footballs, baseballs, bats, basketballs, basketball rim w/net, goalie equipment.

Action Figures have certainly come a long way.  G.I. Joes were a thing of the past and technology has brought us to new and exciting things.  The artists that sculp these designs are some to be admired for their artistic integrity.  The Action Figure & Bobblehead Toy industry is booming.  Each year more and more toy manufacturers are producing more of these fine toys & collectibles.  Something for young and old, boy or girl, woman or man, your next great gift idea could be an online click away.

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Holiday Gift Ideas – Star Wars Action Figures

Holiday Gift Ideas – Star Wars Action Figures

Christmas time has a way of sneaking up on us — it seems that almost every year the Christmas decorations start popping up sometime toward the end of September, or the beginning of October.  Quite honestly, they can be rather difficult to try and come up with holiday gift ideas for all of your children, siblings, parents, friends, and even nieces and nephews.  This holiday season, one gift idea that is sure to be a winner with young and old alike is Star Wars vintage action figures.

Star Wars vintage action figures – for science fiction/fantasy fans

for those in your life that either grew up watching Star Wars, have become fascinated with the intergalactic and interstellar battles that have ensued on the large screen multi-plex theatre, or just are diehard science-fiction fans — the vintage Star Wars action figures are an excellent holiday gift idea. These collector’s items appeal to a huge demographic — men and women alike can become enthralled with the deep space exploration and adventures of the Star Wars franchise.  What’s more though, is that Star Wars vintage action figures can appeal to twenty-somethings are just as much as they can appeal to sixty-to-seventy somethings.

Star Wars toys and action figures – for the kids in your life

Now, not all Star Wars action figures are considered vintage toys — there are some that are suitable for everyday recreation for the little ones in your life.  In fact, even though the Star Wars franchise is quite old, and vintage Star Wars action figures can be quite valuable, that there are plenty of action figures, vehicles, and figurines they can be picked up that are suitable for child’s play time.

The non-vintage Star Wars action figures, vehicles, and figurines are generally very affordable and can oftentimes be picked up from well-known department stores, and sometimes even 24-hour drugstores.  While you might be hard-pressed to find Star Wars action figures available in bulk outside of the holiday seasons, this time of the year these types of toys are in high demand for kids, and they’re not that difficult to come by in local retail outlet.

So, if you’re struggling to come up with ideas for gifts to purchase for your loved ones this holiday season — Star Wars vintage action figures, and even recent productions of Star Wars vehicles, figurines, and action figures are a surefire winner for the young and old this holiday season.