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This is a large rc plane with real turbine engines Please check out my other videos, go to more from this author in the corner of your screen.
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Solar Huge Wheel Love Seat – Bob Schneeveis, on Hippy Gourmet In this segment from the Hippy Gourmet we meet Bob Schneeveis once again and he takes us for a ride on his Solar Powered Massive Wheel Really like Seat that also doubles as an RV! Bob is a crazy and wonderful inventor of solar powered vehicles. This particular rolling sofa is yet another in a lengthy line of great creations that all contribute to a greater understanding of solar energy for a greater environment and world! For much more solar automobile enjoyable, check out these clips http
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The Original Huge Wheel 16 Inch

The Original Big Wheel 16 Inch

  • 3-position seat
  • Strudy original construction
  • Ages three-8

Product Description
The Original 16″ Huge Wheel Tricycle – The original 16″ favorite ride’em toy from the 60′s is now being manufactured once again. Your children can appreciate all the fun that you had as a child. Ages three to 8 years. Weight limit 70 lbs. three posi

List Cost: $ 159.00

Price: $ 189.77

The Original Huge Wheel “PINK MENACE” 16″ Trike Limited Edition

The Original Massive Wheel “PINK MENACE” 16″ Trike Limited Edition

  • The classic “low-rider” profile makes it safer than normal tricycles.
  • Steel reinforced front fork.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Adjustable seat grows with your child.
  • For ages three to 8 yrs, Weight limit is 70 lbs.

he classic “low-rider” profile makes it safer than normal tricycles. Sturdy construction. Extra wide rear wheel base. Steel reinforced front fork. Angled handlebars for racing. Weight limit is 70 lbs. Adjustable seat grows with your child. Does not

List Price: $ 128.00

Cost: $ 69.99

Huge Wheel 80kmh drift !!!!!

Big Wheel Huffy Sliders 80kmh drift !!!!!
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Why do guys drive pickups with “Huge Wheels” ?

Question by ZORRO: Why do guys drive pickups with “Massive Wheels” ?
I’m certain you have noticed these mini trucks & the full size choose ups with huge wheels & shocks raising the truck body greater. What’s the purpose? Is it they think they are driving an 18-wheeler?
For me, I’ll stick with my 2008 Shelby Mustang GT500 Cobra Snake. I by no means saw any sense in owning a truck. Besides, a Mustang Cobra makes a lot more of a man out of you.

Finest answer:

Answer by Roy Zubbs
Huge Wheels = Large Enjoyable

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Do you remember those “Hot Wheels” type cars that had huge tires.?

Question by Mr. KnowItAll: Do you remember those “Hot Wheels” type cars that had huge tires.?
I can’t remember the name of them, and it’s pissing me off.
Like today’s kids putting huge wheels on their cars to day, there used to be toy cars kind of like “hot wheels” and “matchbox” cars with over sized tires on them.
I think they were popular in the 80s and were a brief fad.

What were they called?
Nope. It wasn’t either of those.
Anyone else got an idea?

Best answer:

Answer by drtried
There were “Stompers” but they were battery powered – you could get the big rubber tires or soft foam tires. They took 1 AA battery.

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Very Grand C 17 modelisme – rc plane Huge Big !!!! Jet reactor

ATTENTION : this is not my video : if the author want’s me to remove , just send me an email It is here only for pleasure :) More vidéos C 17 modelisme… 2 real jetcats réacteurs !!!! impressionnant

Huge RC Twin Gas Engine Boat!

See More @ We take a close look at this impressive 84inch monster by Bonzi Boats
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Remote Control Huge Bomber With Jet Launcher R/C Aircraft with remote control spy bomber, and jet launcher.
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