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Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD v1.0.0 | iPhone | iPod Touch | iPad | Role Playing | Free Download!

bit.ly Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD v1.0.0 Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch, Apple iPad – Download for free, Enjoy! Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD v1.0.0 Genre: Action, Adventure, Role Playing | Lang: English| 263 Mb From the Creators of the award winning Ravensword: The Fallen King,The Elder…
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GeoSociety – iPhone – US – Gameplay Trailer – Part I

GeoSociety by Benjamin Hill (Kyro) ☆ A unique and traditional Monster Taming, Battling, Breeding and Hunting Role Playing Game. Inspired by old school Monster Battling Role Playing Games games like Pokemon, Dragon Warrior Monsters and Revelation Demon Slayer. GeoSociety Highlights: ★ A Complete Storyline and World to Explore. ★ Over 350 Monsters to Tame, Battle and Trade. ★ A Unique 3 vs. 3 Time-Based Battle System. ★ Monster Party of 9. ★ 4 Unique Mission Modes including Zombie Mode. ☆ Storyline Introduction: Today is your first day working for GeoSociety, You’re not really the prime candidate one would expect for the position – considering you dropped out of college and aren’t qualified. The GeoSociety is the organisation charged with the research and preservation of the GeoRealm and GeoMonsters. Your colleagues at GeoSociety make it known just how they feel about your new position, but after seeing some familiar faces your ready to start on your first mission. ☆ Monster Development: Every Time your Monster Knocks Out another Monster in Battle it will gain some Experience. With enough experience a monster will grow levels which provides you with stat points to allocate to Attack, Defence, Speed or Intelligence. Some monsters will even Mutate automatically when they reach a certain level. iTunes Store Page: itunes.apple.com Homepage: www.geosociety.mobi Wiki: geosociety.wikkii.com
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iRemoco The Remote Control Helicopter for iPhone iPod & iPad

iRemoco is a superb remote control helicopter with a little dock accessory that allows you to control it with your Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Check out this interview with the developers and a full hands-on demo of the helicopter and app in action. This project is funded by Kickstarter so please do check out the link below for details of how you can get involved. Guest Interview by Craig www.mygreatfest.net Support iRemoco here http iRemoco can also be found here www.iremoco.com YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com Internet site: www.geekanoids.co.uk Twitter: www.twitter.com My intro & outro was designed with the assist of a template by Nefos. Link: videohive.net

iDriver – iPhone remote controlled car

iDriver is an iPhone application to remote control a car. Go to www.spiritofberlin.eu for more information on “Spirit of Berlin”, a completely autonomous vehicle by the Freie Universität Berlin. It is equipped with various sensors and a drive-by-wire system for unmanned driving. iDriver is an addon to remote control the car with an iPhone. Powered by Appirion UG (http