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LEGO Kids Star Wars Darth Vader Watch

LEGO Kids Star Wars Darth Vader Watch Best Prices
Take a walk on the dark side with this this fun and functional LEGO Kids watch. Customizable watch allows for multiple looks. Non-allergenic polycarbonite pieces. Interchangeable bezels that click together for a personalized…

$ 24.99
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india kids toys

india kids toys

Image by FriskoDude
Two young boys sell toys on the sidewalk in India

NASCAR Matt Kenseth #17 Affliction 1/64 Kids Hardtop Car 2011

NASCAR Matt Kenseth #17 Affliction 1/64 Kids Hardtop Car 2011

  • Brand new 2011 edition in 1/64 scale
  • Diecast body and plastic chassis
  • Barbell wheels and plastic window net
  • Decal graphics
  • Hood and trunk do not open

Matt Kenseth drove the #17 Affliction Ford Fusion for Roush Fenway Racing in 1 race during the 2011 Sprint Cup season.

List Price: $ 6.99

Price: $ 6.99

Lil’ Teddy Bear Elite Collection Infant/Toddler Costume – 18 Months – 2T – Kid’s Costumes

Lil’ Teddy Bear Elite Collection Infant/Toddler Costume – 18 Months – 2T – Kid’s Costumes

Consists of: Lined zippered bodysuit with bow tie, booties and hood with ears.

List Cost: $ 80.00

Cost: $ 37.32

Easter Basket – The Gift Basket Kids Want

Easter Basket – The Gift Basket Children Want

In 2011,  Easter Sunday will be on April 24th.  One of the well-known legend for this holiday is that a white hare would leave a basket filled with colored eggs and candies to all the very good children on Easter morning.  Over the years, sending a gorgeous Easter basket to one’s favorite kids has become an American tradition.  Who would not want to encourage their children to be excellent so that they will receive a basket of treats from the Easter bunny? This article supplies some gift concepts for Easter baskets that children will enjoy. 

Because the Easter bunny is 1 of the symbol for this holiday, most baskets contain a plush bunny.  For some baskets, an adorable yellow plush duckling may be used as option given that ducklings are related with eggs and spring. In addition, foil-wrapped bunnies and chocolate eggs, assorted color malt eggs that look like bird eggs, jelly beans, marshmallow Peeps in the shape of chicks or bunnies, are commonly found in the baskets. Some of the contents in the basket can be utilized for holiday activities.  For example, the Easter eggs can be utilised in the egg hunt by the kids.

Easter baskets for youngsters often contain coloring book, children card game, play dough, game sets, silly strings, and a lot of enjoyable activities for them to enjoy. If you prefer the youngsters not to consume too much sweets, you could want to pick a basket that supplies more fun things to do than sweets.


For example, for boys between the age of four and 9, you can send them a white basket filled with a plush bunny, huge sidewalk chalk in cheerful spring colors, bubbles, ball maze game, Disney vehicles coloring book, crayons, and puzzle. He can also paint on the cars poster and painting with the paint brush.  For snacks, he can uncover marshmallow Peeps, chocolate chip cookies, jelly beans and milk chocolate bunny. The enjoyable and educational activities will maintain him busy for hours and the delicious snacks will maintain him energized.

For girls of the very same age group, you can send them a white basket with a pink plush bunny. The small princess can get pleasure from the enjoyable provided by the sidewalk chalks, bubbles, ball maze game, Disney princess coloring book, crayon sets, puzzle, and the princess poster and painting set with paint brush. In between these fun activities, she can snack on the malt eggs, jelly beans, and milk chocolates.

For kids who are too young to enjoy these activities, you can send them a plush bunny that sings a tune and wiggles his ears, accompanied by a box of jelly beans with 10 well-liked flavors. For children among the age of 3 -five, You can contemplate sending them a basket that is filled with candy bubbles, candy Easter eggs, a coloring activity book and crayons, silly Putty, and cotton candy.

In summary, an Easter gift basket can bring the enjoyable and treats that a kid wants. You can do the function for the white hare and deliver an adorable basket to your children. 

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The importance of Construction Toys for kids

The importance of Construction Toys for kids

I extremely suggest as one of the most fundamental educational toys we ought to offer for kids. Any toy that recreates the process of constructing and manufacturing can be classed as construction toys. The pieces can be joined together to create models of toys such us vehicles, spaceships, houses, bridge and so a lot of other. Old models usually are broken up and the pieces reused to be another models.

The oldest and most frequent is a set of simple which are typically painted in vibrant colors, and several sorts of building set. The materials are also various from wood, plastic and even metal. These tools will assist kids get the hang of construction and style.

The benefit of construction toys

Construction toys will aid children The sets are all about size, shape, color, and balance.

Construction toys offer you the child an chance to . It will take place when children began to have specific program in their head. They will enjoy by means of numerous difficulties and solve it.

Construction toys support young children develop fine motor skill as . Babies and toddlers appreciate pick up and move big block with all their body. For preschoolers the blocks are more detailed and call for precise control and movement.


These toys . They use these block to make every thing from easy house, tower, ship, bridge, castle, battleground and a lot of else.

Make a model with construction toys is an activity that will a lot more interesting if playing in group. It is a excellent way to develop their by learns, share and cooperate with other people.

Construction toys are a wonderful way to maintain your for hours with educational benefit. They entertain youngsters and also assist them understand about numerous abilities.

Ask your young children about the model they generate. The story behind the model will encourage their .

How to pick suitable construction toys for children

We should contemplate our child’s age and stage of development when choosing or making constructing toys.

Babies really like colorful soft block to look at, squeeze, chew on and drop. It is essential to contemplate the block are to be choose up, to be carry about and soft sufficient that babies wont be injured when crashing down.

Toddlers like to put wooden blocks in boxes and pour them out or pile them on the floor. They will attempt to arrange and and learn how to . Lego Duplo, brio wooden block, megablok and mellisa &amp dough will be excellent for this age.

Preschoolers will able to generate block for . They can develop towers, houses, farmyards, road, bridge and a lot more. It is a good concept to give your child accessories such as plastic animals, cars, and people. Interlocking block from Lego and Knex are also very good thought for this age.

As your child begins school, they will appreciate working with smaller plastic block that can and . You may introduce magz construction set in this age.

Construction toys become for older youngsters. The model will require concentration and detail. Vehicles and other vehicles are the most common models and hundreds of design to decide on from. Numerous set suitable for this group age as Capsela, Rokenbok, erector set and numerous other.

Each brand, material and model presents different benefit, and is appropriate for diverse ages and stages. Begin with the fundamental and then you can provide them with more complicated tools and material.

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Kinds Of Remote Control Toys For Kids

Kinds Of Remote Control Toys For Children

Youngsters really like to play with toys, and there are several distinct kinds of toys for you to pick from when deciding to acquire one for your child. As youngsters get older, they usually like to play with a lot more complicated and much more advanced toys because they catch their interest a lot more. A wonderful sort of toy to get for your child when they have outgrown simple toys is remote control toys.

There are several various types of remote controlled toys for kids. There are vehicles which are the most common. These vehicles consist of vehicles, trucks, sports cars, and the like. These are some of the most well-recognized kinds of toys because they are straightforward to acquire and readily offered.

If you want to add a little more to your toy, you can decide to make your own remote control vehicle with a kit.

This way, you and your child will take pleasure in making your own toy. It can be a enjoyable and rewarding expertise. Although, remember to be quite cautious and not to let the child get hurt when making the toy.

Boats are also an additional kind of remote controlled toy. You can usually use these in ponds and the like. These are great for children who like water vehicles and who would be interested in controlling their own small speedboat and RC tanks

Helicopters and aircrafts are also extremely well-liked.

With the power of flight on your side, your child will surely be interested in this kind of radio controlled toy. It is simple to do and folks often locate that it is a enjoyable hobby to pursue even in adulthood.

Last but not least would be remote controlled robots. These are robots which can be manipulated via the easy use of a remote control. Generally, these are the most expensive amongst remote control toys because they are more complicated.RC automobile

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Kids’ 7100022 Character Silver-Tone Hot Wheels Digital Watch

Kids’ 7100022 Character Silver-Tone Hot Wheels Digital Watch

  • Silver-tone resin case
  • Black and red nylon strap with hot wheels patch
  • Yellow dial with red hot wheel graphic and logo
  • Basic LCD function for time and date
  • Case diameter: 29.7 mm

Armitron Kids’ Character Silver-Tone Hot Wheels Digital Watch. Silver-tone resin case. Black and red nylon strap with hot wheels patch. Yellow dial with red hot wheel graphic and logo. Basic LCD function for time and date. Round Shape. Dial window ma

List Price: $ 12.00

Price: $ 7.86

Best Toy Garbage Trucks for Kids

Best Toy Garbage Trucks for Kids


Toy garbage trucks are going to be the gift to give this holiday season. There are a number of cool toys new on the market this year. Combine these with the toys that have been around for years and you have a prime year for anyone looking to give a garbage truck as a present. Read on to learn what the best gifts this season will be.


Kids love trucks, and what better truck to give than one they see come to their house once a week. Not only does this truck come to the house, it stops in front of the house and picks up garbage. After picking up the garbage it makes a loud noise while crushing it and moves on down the street. It does the same thing at every house up and down the block. This truck is one that kids are exposed to at an early age and they don’t soon forget it.


Stinky the Garbage Truck


Stinky is on pace to be the hottest gift this holiday season.

Not only is he a truck, he can transform into a talking, singing robot at the push of a button. Kids of all ages will love Stinky and his funny jokes and catchy tunes. Get past the gruff exterior and you have a toy kids are going to absolutely love. Stinky is likely to sell out fast so pick one up while you still can.




A Bruder garbage truck is a classic truck in the sense that it leaves a lot to your child’s imagination. Bruder offers trucks that kids will enjoy playing with because they look and function just like the real thing. They come complete with cans that dump stuff into the back or side of the truck. Some models even have knobs on the side that you can turn to “compact” the garbage dumped in the back of the truck.


Toy Story 3


Kids who like Toy Story 3 will like any of the Toy Story 3 garbage trucks being sold this year. Kids that love Lego will be excited to get the Lego Toy Story Garbage Truck Getaway. This set comes complete with a truck and four figures, including Buzz Lightyear and Jesse. There are also a couple of non-Lego Toy Story 3 garbage truck options available this year. Purchase one of these and cover two of your kid’s favorites with one simple gift.


Tonka Trucks


Tonka went all out this year and is offering at least 5 different toy garbage trucks. Tonka has long been known as a top manufacturer of toy trucks so it makes sense they’d make garbage trucks as well. While the quality is the same, these aren’t the simple Tonka trucks we had when we were kids. They now offer a toy truck for kids of all ages. Younger kids will love the Chuck and Friends series, while older children will be happier with the bigger models. Motorized vehicles will be all the rage this year and Tonka offers ones that are big and can automatically dump garbage at the push of a button.

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Kids’ 7100021NB Character Hot Wheels Digital Watch

Kids’ 7100021NB Character Hot Wheels Digital Watch

  • Round black resin case
  • Red and black nylon strap with Hot Wheels patch
  • Red dial with Hot Wheels car graphic and logo
  • Digital display with time or date
  • Case diameter: 34.70 mm

The Armitron brand has earned its tagline Americas Watch with its broad popular appeal and unequalled market penetration. Today Armitron watches are the No. 1 selling watch line at many stores. The Armitron brand has developed its reputation based o

List Price: $ 12.00

Price: $ 6.53