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LeapFrog Tag Activity Storybook – SpongeBob Squarepants: The Tour de Bikini Bottom

LeapFrog Tag Activity Storybook – SpongeBob Squarepants: The Tour de Bikini Bottom Greatest Prices
For Ages: 5 – 7 Years

CSN School
$ 13.99
+ $ 7.03 shipping
$ 9.99
+ $ .00 shipping

LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game: Wolverine

LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game: Wolverine Greatest Prices
Wolverine is on a mission to reassemble the X-Men and rescue captured mutants around the world. Assist him by utilizing your map, sequencing and language abilities to solve challenges and fight for justice! Features expanded play for the Leapster2 method, so…

Babies R Us
$ 19.98
+ $ 5.28 shipping

LeapFrog Zippity Learning System

LeapFrog Zippity Learning System Price Comparison
Bring Playhouse Disney to your home with Zippity, the new high-energy studying program that gets preschoolers dancing, jumping, playing and learning with Disney characters they adore! The Zippity program introduces preschool curriculum by means of full-body…

Leaps and Bounds
$ 79.95
+ $ 13.75 shipping
Sam’s Club
$ 69.88
+ $ .00 shipping

Time And Stress Management: Leap-Frog Over Procrastination

Time And Tension Management: Leap-Frog Over Procrastination

Time management and anxiety management—is there a relationship? Lack of time may not be the only thing that creates anxiety for people, but it certainly ranks as one of the highest in its frequency of occurrences. Also think about an additional circumstance where anxiety and time are related, but not due to lack of time. Here the stress stems from just procrastinating, even when time is available. And…if you procrastinate on enough matters, then lack of time comes back into play again.

There is an old saying that eating a live frog initial factor each and every morning will generally make the rest of the day appear pretty simple. That frog is your biggest project- the one that will create the outcomes that lead to your objectives. It also tends to be the 1 on which you are most likely to procrastinate.

Summer months are a time that men and women frequently schedule projects. Occasionally the alter of pace throughout this season leads people to strategy catch-up days both at the office and at house. In some geographical locations it is since it is too hot to be outdoors, and in other cases it might be because function slows down throughout this period. Believe back to your past summer:

Did you have plans to function on tasks that you had been postponing until this time?
Did you strategy on someone else finding issues carried out during these month?
Had been the chores that you had hoped to get carried out actually completed?
If not, why?

If you had jobs scheduled and did not get them carried out, could procrastination be an concern? It is effortless to usually blame lack of time, but the truth is that you typically have times when you could be working on those delayed tasks and you merely put them off.

Examine some of the factors why men and women procrastinate.

There is no sense of urgency.
When a task does not come with a deadline, it can be easy to postpone, but that item will still nag at you. You begin feeling guilty about not acquiring enough accomplished, and the accumulation of incomplete activities in turn ends up adding to your daily anxiety.

Remedy: Think of positive outcomes and set your own deadline.

You do not know where to begin.
The project is so big and detailed that you do not have a clear picture of the processes. It may possibly have been fairly basic at the beginning but, by delaying, the project has now turn out to be overwhelming.

Answer: Write down, in order, the steps that want to be taken. You are far more likely to tackle a modest job than commit to a big block of time. Be positive to schedule every of the actions on your calendar.

It is not where your interests or skill levels lie.
You could dislike the chore, like filing or yard function, or it could be a project that you do not know how to do and have no interest in understanding. You stall for days or weeks. Then when you finally have no option, it is even worse than you expected.

Solution: Can you hire an individual, or trade services? When you are interested in the function, you are certainly more effective in accomplishing that task. If it is something you hate to do, attempt to discover an alternative rather than permitting it to loom.

Do not let that frog get away for the day. Instead, leap proper in, deal with the frog early in the morning and then jump to the next job. After all, eating that frog is usually the means of supplying you with your bread and butter.

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Denise Landers of Key Organization Systems shares her professional information of time management and organization productivity with much more tips like this 1 at her blog, Time Management Nowadays.

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LeapFrog Leapster Learning Game: Disney Fairies

LeapFrog Leapster Understanding Game: Disney Fairies Top Offers
Immerse your self in the magical world of Disney Fairies as you help Tinker Bell and her buddies collect Lost Things and rebuild toys for young children on the Mainland. Characteristics expanded play for the Leapster2 program, so Leapster2 players can connect on the internet…

CSN School
$ 26.85
+ $ 6.77 shipping
$ 23.99
+ $ 9.99 shipping

LeapFrog Tag Junior Book: 1-2-3 Dora!

LeapFrog Tag Junior Book: 1-2-3 Dora! Best Prices
Help Dora count coconuts, bananas and more in English and Spanish! This Tag Junior Board book springs to life when you touch the Tag Junior book pal to any part of any page. More than 24 playful activities and 150 audio responses encourage little ones…

One Step Ahead
$ 10.95
+ $ 5.75 shipping
$ 10.97
+ $ 2.97 shipping

LeapFrog FLY Fusion Software – FastComp Math Pro

LeapFrog FLY Fusion Software – FastComp Math Pro Top Offers
FLY Fusion FastComp Math Pro – Turn your FLY Fusion Pentop Computer into a high-speed math processor with FastComp Math Pro! Simply write down your problem and get instant answers to complex computations. Convert a decimal into a fraction or improper frac

$ 3.19
+ $ 0.00 shipping

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game: Disney Princesses Pop-Up Story Adventures

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game: Disney Princesses Pop-Up Story Adventures Top Deals
Enter the magical world of fairytales as you explore the familiar stories of beloved Disney Princesses, Belle and Cinderella. Join the princesses on a learning adventure in fun, pop-up book style. Leapster Explorer Learning Game: Disney Princesses:…

$ 21.97
+ $ 2.97 shipping
$ 24.99
+ $ 9.95 shipping

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game – Globe Earth Adventures

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game – Globe Earth Adventures Best Prices
Get ready for an interactive adventure as you take your airplane around the globe to complete missions, find treasure and learn about geography, cultures and more. Expand your knowledge of animals, geography, cultural facts, map skills and more. Play…

$ 19.99
+ $ 6.95 shipping
$ 21.97
+ $ 2.97 shipping

LeapFrog Fix & Learn Speedy (Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging)

LeapFrog Fix & Learn Speedy (Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging)

  • Rev up the fun with Fix and Learn Speedy
  • Race car drivers double as Speedy?s tools?fix him up and get him back on the road
  • Press the license plate to hear ABC and counting songs
  • Explore shapes, pretend play, counting and more
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Get little gears turning for fun play and learning. Children can learn about shapes, counting and more as they play with a car that will tune up their motor skills and fire up their imaginations. Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning

List Price: $ 24.99

Price: $ 17.30