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How to Play Amtgard: Live Action RPG : History of Live Action Role Playing Games

Learn about Amtgard Beginnings in this free series of live role playing game tips from our longtime Amtgard rpg player and kingdom organizer. Expert: Austin Harmon Bio: Austin Harmon has been an avid Amtgard player for 15 years, as well as an officer and organizer of local kingdoms. He knows the ins and outs of this live action role playing game. Filmmaker: Kenny Saylors

DJ STRETCH ARMSTRONG – PLANTING SOME MUSIC IN 2010 – LIVE @ DO-Over NEW Over 1.1.ten & http present: Right after a KOREAN NEW YEAR’S w/ the FAM… ROLLED TO THE DO-More than for the NEW-More than! w/ the TRIBECAN GIANT! STRETCH ARMSTRONG! Pleased NEW YEAR! shout out to S-COUNTY! Pleased NEW YEAR!
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Discovery Bay Games Saturday Night Live Board Game

Discovery Bay Games Saturday Night Live Board Game Leading Offers
Relive and act out some of your favorite moments by hosting a talk show, sh… Saturday Night Live Board Game – Discovery Bay Games|Saturday Night Live Board Game|SNL board game|It is Saturday Night Board Game|SNL Game|Saturday Night Live Game|the…
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How lengthy do “teddy bear” hamsters normally live?

Question by prettybabidoll: How long do “teddy bear” hamsters normally live?

Very best answer:

Answer by dublebubble09
teddy bear hampsters typically dont live very long but the most i know of them living is up to 3 or 4 years. if they are nicely taken care of. but they are highly septable to illnesses so whenever your pet hampster dies its because of a illness that you can not control. its not your fault

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What song is this lyric from? “This is the way I live, small boys still pushing big wheels”?

Question by Morgan M: What song is this lyric from? “This is the way I live, small boys still pushing huge wheels”?
This is a newer song on the radio, it is and hip-hop/rap song. Possibly two artists on the track. I would like to know the name of the artist and/or song.

Best answer:

Answer by jsauls3271
This is the way i Live -Baby Boy

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Fisher Price Elmo Live Doll Review

Fisher Price Elmo Live Doll Review

The new Fisher Price Elmo Live Doll has already become one of the HOTTEST Christmas gifts of the year 2008 for kids and tots. If you are lucky as me to preorder Elmo Live previously, you don’t have to worry about “sold out” anymore. There is rumor spreading now that the Sesame Street Elmo Live Toy has been sold out in some local retail stores already (Remember what happened to Tickle Me Elmo and other HOTTEST toys by Fisher Price in the previous years?)

So I received my preordered new Elmo Live toy last week, and I have to say I am really impressed by this furry red doll. Fisher Price includes 6 AA batteries in the package, I immediately played with him after pulling out the “Try Me” strap near the battery compartment. Similar to the beloved Tickle Me Elmo (a.k.a.T.M.X Elmo), this Elmo Live toy tickles if you touch his tummy, foot and back (sensors will be activated when you touch the right part of Elmo’s body). He Moves, Talks, Dances, Tells jokes, and even Sneezes! When he tells stories or jokes, he actually moves his mouth in nearly perfectly sync with the voice. And you know what, he even acts out during his story-telling. For instance, he moves his cute hands up to show he is shocked. If he reads to some part that’s really funny, he laughs out which is really hilarious. This new Elmo Live doll is capable of so many life-like movements, that he looks like the real Elmo alive from the Sesame Street.

Another difference that sets Elmo Live apart from other “talking” toys is that he is quite interactive in a way. For instance, he asks you for a hug and then says “thank you” if he receives one. Interactive features like this make Elmo Live an alive friend rather than a toy for kids, as if he or she is playing with a live creature.

I did notice that sometimes the Elmo Live toy can fall over if he doesn’t stand on a hard, flat surface (He will ask you to help him back up again and says “Thank You” if you do so. This could be a good way to teach good manners towards young tots). Also you can hear the mechanical sound when he moves sometimes, but I found this noise is not that loud and quickly forgotten since you see so many wonderful features from Elmo Live.

I have a good website to recommend for someone who wants to buy an Elmo Live toy before it’s gone. Visit to shop for Elmo Live or other Elmo related products.

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