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Meccano 10 Model Set

Meccano 10 Model Set Top Offers
Building & LEGO Toy – Toy, Home, Office, More – Erector 10 Model Set
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Toy companies: Defunct toy manufacturers, Lionel Corporation, Palisades Toys, Mego Corporation, Ives Manufacturing Company, Meccano Ltd

Toy companies: Defunct toy manufacturers, Lionel Corporation, Palisades Toys, Mego Corporation, Ives Manufacturing Company, Meccano Ltd

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 41. Chapters: Defunct toy manufacturers, Lionel Corporation, Palisades Toys, Mego Corporation, Ives Manufacturing C

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Meccano Toys

Meccano Toys

From Lincoln Logs to Legos, toys that inspire young children to build have long been favorites. Few brands have such a lengthy tradition and wealthy history as Meccano Toys. Many of today’s modern block and creating sets can trace their heritage back to a time when they had been directly inspired by Meccano. Some common brands such as Erector Sets and Steel Tec are little more than copies of the Meccano concept.

Meccano got its start as a creating toy set referred to as Mechanics Produced Straightforward, all the way back in 1901. The inventor was Frank Hornby of Liverpool, England. His desire was to produce and sell a toy that was enjoyable and also educational. He developed the product as a model developing kit that relied on the principals of mechanical engineering. The earliest sets contained pieces created of metal strips, plates, girders, and nuts and bolts to hold them all together. The models needed only a screw driver and various sized wrenches to construct. Also included were wheels, axles, pulleys, and gears to add motion to the models. Later sets would include different sorts of motors as well. Sets usually contain instructions for certain models that can be built with the included pieces. Numerous youngsters and adults alike find even more enjoyment out of inventing their own models and generating their own special creations with the parts.

There are conflicting tales of just how the toy sets became recognized as Meccano. Some believe it was derived from a combination of the words “make” and “know.” The trademark name was 1st registered by Hornsby in 1907 and the following year he formed Meccano LTD. At initial Hornsby employed other manufacturers to supply parts for the kits. As popularity and sales grew he soon discovered it tough to maintain up with the demand. Hornsby set up his own factory to manufacture the parts on Duke Street in his home town of Liverpool. A second larger factory was later built on Binns Road. This location served as the business headquarters for the next six decades. The construction sets soon became a world wide phenomenon and plants had been opened up in France, Argentina, and Spain.

A lot of changes came over the decades. Colors had been added to the parts. Very first green and red, then later yellow and black, and finally yellow and dark blue. The top quality of the pieces grew much more consistent as manufacturing processes evolved over time. Sets had been numbered and lettered and numerous of the early ones are prized collectors items today. Production of the toys had to be halted a couple of times over the years, most notably in the course of WWI and WWII due to metal shortages. The factories had been also converted for generating war supplies throughout WWII.

The 1960′s saw Meccano bought out by Lines Bros. LTD. By the 1970′s electronic parts were added to some sets. The brand changed hands again when General Mills purchased it in 1981. Meccano at present belongs to a French corporation that continues the long tradition of generating the developing sets.

Erector Set Anniversary Case 643 Pieces by Meccano (837080E)

Erector Set Anniversary Case 643 Pieces by Meccano (837080E)

  • Classic Erector® construction project with step by step, illustrated instructions
  • Ages 8 and up
  • 643 Pieces, with instructions for building 25 models
  • Comes in plastic briefcase-like carry case

The budding little civil engineer in the family would love this classic toy! Since 1913 erector sets have been used by kids to create everything from cranes to buildings towers excavators bridges and more. The Erector set can teach kids to build just