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Megatech Party Blimp, with Music, Lights and Stencils

Megatech Party Blimp, with Music, Lights and Stencils

  • Consists of prepared-to-decorate party blimp, triple fan gondola with lights and music, transmitter with antenna
  • Also consists of multi color markers and stencils, 3V lithium battery, 9V alkaline battery, tether and manual
  • Air vessels can be filled with helium at any florist or party shop
  • Helium required which is not included
  • Decide on from eight distinct strobing light patterns and songs

Have you ever wanted to broadcast your message on the sides of blimps you see circling stadiums at sporting events? — Properly, now you can bring that giant sized communication into the comfort of your house with the Party Blimp! — Send this remote con

List Cost: $ 89.99

Price: $ 42.74

Megatech Mega Pro Remote Controlled Race Truck

Megatech Mega Pro Remote Controlled Race Truck Best Offers
It screams down the road at 25 miles per hour

CSN Shops
$ 94.99
+ $ .00 shipping

Megatech Avion RTF Micro Bi-plane

Megatech Avion RTF Micro Bi-plane Price Comparison
five in Wingspan

TSC Toys
$ 48.95
+ $ .00 shipping
rqr shop
$ 41.90
+ $ .00 shipping

Megatech Avion Airplane

Megatech Avion Airplane

  • The Avion airplane also consists of 2 channel transmitter/charger, display stand and LiPo battery flight pack
  • Floats like a feather with gentle enough flight characteristics to land in your hand
  • Up to 15 minutes or much more of flight time on a single charge
  • Lightweight high lift Bi-plane style
  • Optional landing gear and carrying case accessible-Not Included

Featuring an ultra-advanced design, Megatech’s AVION plane is the most impressive, easiest-to-fly model airplane to ever hit your living room. Boasting a tight three-foot turning radius, this indoor aerobot is a high-performance plane that is precisi

List Price: $ 49.99

Cost: $ 48.99

Megatech Interceptor Aerobatic Remote Control Jet

Megatech Interceptor Aerobatic Remote Control Jet

  • The dual stick transmitter also has built-in charging circuitry for convenient “charge it anywhereany time” capability.
  • The Megatech Interceptor is perfect for year-round radio control fun.
  • The NEW Megatech Interceptor is much more than just an awesome looking jet.
  • The Interceptors Micro Mag twin motors supply so much thrust that it will do a complete loop no problem!

Stellar Flight Performance and Duration — The twin motors of this RC jet supply so much thrust it can complete a loop effortlessly. Capable of vertical climbing and looping, the jet features differential thrust turning technology, independently vary

List Price: $ 69.95

Price: $ 69.95

Megatech Megapro Rct Truck 1:18 with Battery and Charger

Megatech Megapro Rct Truck 1:18 with Battery and Charger

  • Mega-Handling high volume long-throw shock absorbers for dynamic dampening control and superb performance
  • Mega-Traction four wheel drive giving complete power transfer to the race transfer
  • Mega-Control with a digital proportional FM radio system that assures long range command and offers precise adjustments
  • Mega-Power from a high-torque, high-performance motor that puts you out in the fast lane in a hurry
  • Requires 8-AA alkaline and 1-7.2V rechargeable battery, 7.2V charger

MegaPRO 1/18th Scale Radio Control race cars come with important race-ready components already installed and factory tuned for you! They’re designed to deliver the professional level racing performance you’re looking for like:


Rating: (out of 9 reviews)

List Price: $ 129.99

Price: $ 79.99

Megatech Nirvana II Radio Control Sailboat

Megatech Nirvana II Radio Control Sailboat Price Comparison
This RC competition sailboat has been designed to handle like a full-scale racing yacht, like the schooners that compete for Americas Cup – Loaded with all the bells and whistles

Megatech Nirvana II – Performance RC Sailboat

Maiden Voyage of an unmodified Megatech Nirvana II high performance RC sailboat. Music: Solcarlus – Fond sonore n°6
Video Rating: 3 / 5