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The Gentleman Gamer: All Flesh Must Be Eaten Review

In which the gentleman in question responds to a private messaged request, and reviews All Flesh Must Be Eaten, a zombie horror role playing game.
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How long must a person play video games to be considered a “Gamer”?

Question by Jason N: How long must a person play video games to be considered a “Gamer”?
Originally, the term “gamer” referred to someone devoting a lot of time to role-playing games. However, in recent years the term has come to include video game players.

How many hours per day must a person play video games to be considered a “gamer”?

Also, how many days per week must be devoted to video game playing?


Thanks in advance for your Answers.

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Answer by petefrompa42
i dont think its something that you can give a time for….i would say its anyone who consistantly plays games on a regular basis……

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I’m going to be involved in a role playing game (“All Flesh Must Be Eaten”) with my friends Goth and Lisa.

Question by Melissa A: I’m going to be involved in a role playing game (“All Flesh Must Be Eaten”) with my friends Goth and Lisa.
Lately a small group of pals and I believed we would attempt this role playing game called “All Flesh Must Be Eaten” about zombies. The Players are going to be me my girlfriend Goth and our friend Lisa. We are all mid-teens and Lisa and Goth have Role Played a couple of occasions but I have by no means accomplished it. Our friend Kyle is going to “Game Master” it.

Kyle has a floorplan for a mall and we are going (eventually) if the game continues and everybody likes it we would turn out to be security at this mall with strange stuff happening.

I’m not sure what type of character I want to produce or even what kind I can create. Any concepts out there?

Does anyone have any advice for me and has any individual even played this role playing game?

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Answer by suchitha55
why do u write so considerably? write a brief explanation. just don’t be nervous that’s all i have to say

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SUPER ADVANCED RC JET (MUST SEE!!!) Oh wow, what a fancy jet, where did you get it? Oh, we got it at Hobby People Pasadena. You should get one.
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