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Bouncing Neon Putty (1 dz)

Bouncing Neon Putty (1 dz)

  • 1 Dozen Neon Putty Containers
  • Putty Bounces
  • Assorted Neon Colors
  • 3″ Containers of Multi-Colored Putty

Why obtain bouncing ball when you can make your own with Bouncing Putty? This enjoyable putty is a excellent activity for young children of all ages.

List Price: $ 12.99

Cost: $ 12.99

12 Neon Slinkys

12 Neon Slinkys

  • Rainbow colored slinky in box
  • About two.five inches in size

Rainbow colored slinky in box. About 2.five inches in size.

List Cost: $ 7.87

Value: $ 7.87

Where can i Buy “Rc Drift car “NEON LIGHTS” for cheep and that are Nice!?

Question by hrag m: Where can i Buy “Rc Drift auto “NEON LIGHTS” for cheep and that are Nice!?
Rc Drift Auto

Greatest answer:

Answer by james
You can locate them here. cost-on the internet-boy-girl-20&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=390957

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