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popular dance moves in 1990?

Question by Penny: popular dance moves in 1990?
I know “hip hop” was popular in 1990…but what are some specific dance “moves” that were popular? Is the “cabbage patch” one?

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Answer by s0mthing_sweet
the macorenia i didn’t spell it rightttttttttt

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Why Fisher Price Remains such a Popular Brand

Why Fisher Price Remains such a Popular Brand

If you were asked to name a brand of toy for children, what would be the first name you’d come up with? Fisher Price perhaps? That’s because Fisher Price has been making toys since the 1930s and remains one of the market leaders in children’s toys.

Fisher Price is one of the top ten most recognised brands in the world and still makes some of those beloved toys from your own childhood. Their moto rings true today, when they promise to make toys with ‘intrinsic play value, ingenuity, strong construction, good value and action’.

With a toy selection to suit children of all ages, Fisher Price’s licensing agreements have meant that for most of your child’s life there has or will mostly like be a
Fisher Price toy in their toy box.

The Brilliant Basics range suits infants six months and over with bright, hardy toys that inspire imagination and creativity such as the Rock-a-stack stackable rings, the Baby’s First Blocks shape sorter, Stack and Roll Cups and Shake Stack and Roll assortment. In soft, washable plastics their infant range is safe and appealing to little ones.

For toddlers aged one to two years of age, Fisher Price have a range of vehicles and Little People that will delight any child, not to mention a range of walkers and ride-on toys for the newly mobile.

For two year olds Fisher Price starts expanding on the Little People range, with more ‘scenes’ to choose from and they introduce musical instruments and toys to
encourage role-play.

There are some exciting toys in the three-five year old range, that teach children to use technology and interactive games such as the Fun 2 Learn all in one Learning Desk and Learning DJ, and the Kid Tough digital camera. Special licensing agreements let Fisher Price deliver a range of talking, plush Mr Men toys from the popular cartoon.

Kids still love the Doodle Pro range that includes an exciting series of products that expand on the original Magna Doodle toy from many years ago. Plenty of action and adventure toys for boys and lots of dolls and Dora branded games for girls. With old favourites like the View Master and lots of creative crafty toys, Fisher
Price has a lot to offer the four year old.

Fisher Price toys grow with your child, and they ensure that the child engages in active play. With research and development Fisher Price can offer the most up to date and age appropriate toys for small children.

Fisher Price has licensing agreements with your children’s most loved characters such as Dora the Explorer, Elmo and Mr Men, and continues to release quality items in much loved ranges such as Little People, Peek-a-Blocks, View Master and Loving Family.

Fisher Price toys have always been synonymous with high quality, durable, washable fun. Their product ranges have always been popular and continue to capture the imagination of children today with their bright colours and quality materials.

It’s no wonder that Fisher Price has remained in business for over 75 years and that it has remained a popular brand of children’s toys for many years and will likely stay that way for many more to come.


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Popular Dolls For Kids!

Popular Dolls For Kids!

Dolls have been a necessity for most girls as they grew up. Even as young as toddlers, many girls flock to hold dolls, dress them and carry them around. Perhaps it`s because they want to copy what they see mom`s doing with their babies, but whatever the reason they are a part of any home occupied by girls. There are lots of best selling dolls that are sure to give any child a great experience.

The great thing about dolls is that they can be so versatile in the features they have. You can buy a baby right from being newborn to being a toddler them self! Many girls love to have various sizes of dolls to meet the needs of whatever play they are engaged in. Dolls can come in any multicultural style and gender.

There are flexible features include things such as; eye crying, diaper soiling, sounds (crying, giggling, laughing), walking, crawling, eating, spitting up, rolling over and music playing. With dolls doing different things it is no wonder that many children have to ask for so many of them!

Cabbage Patch kids are a great selling doll for kids. They have been around for many years and were probably played with by many of the mom`s who are now buying dolls for their own kids. The popular selling feature about these dolls is that they almost become a collector`s item. There are lots of different kinds of Cabbage Patch kids, that many children want more than one.

They are also popular because you can buy them from preemie, right up to when they are 22“ tall. There are boys and girls, some with hair and some that are bald. And each doll comes with a new outfit that is very stylish. Cabbage Patch kids, has lots of accessories for their dolls, so the doll might just have as many clothes as their little owner!

Sweet Kiss Baby Doll is a new doll right now that many kids absolutely love. When you kiss her cheeks, she will kiss back. This doll is recommended for toddlers or preschool aged kids who will be mesmerized by the kissing action.

Disney Princess Baby Snow White doll is a cuddly mini version of Snow White herself. She comes with her signature Disney colors and has an outfit that shines and sparkles, it is non removable which can be a good and bad thing for girls. Many girls love to change the clothes on their dolls, it gives them something to do, however at least the special outfit will not get lost.

16“ First Words Baby, is a doll that will talk when her hands are squeezed. She comes in a cute pink outfit and cries or laughs at random squeezes. Many young children love the simple motion that creates some toy interaction.

Travel Stroller with 10“ doll. This product is great because it comes with a doll and an accessory. Many kids love to push around baby strollers and why not buy one that also features a doll. The doll is the perfect size for the stroller and she comes with an outfit and matching headband. The flexible body is perfect for cuddling and she fits well to put in and out of her stroller.

Any of these dolls will provide the perfect baby entertainment that girls love. Simple forms of dolls are ideal for small kids, while the more advanced doll, such as a Cabbage Patch Kid, and are aimed at older girls, 3-8.

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Today?s Most Popular Lego Toy Building Sets

Today?s Most Popular Lego Toy Building Sets

Legos are the quintessential toy for any child. It’s hard for any kid nowadays to picture their childhood without Lego being involved, because most kids did grow up with the product and most likely feel some sort of attachment to their Lego brick sets to this day. Whether it’s an original Lego set or sets from various series, kids and adults alike have fallen in love with building Legos. The product is known for its customizability. Who wouldn’t want to build their own castles or structures? With Legos, anyone can tap into their creativity.

Certain Lego sets have stood out from the rest and are considered by many as an important milestone for the company. Lego bricks themselves are extremely popular, yes, but if there’s anything that caused the popularity of Lego bricks to shoot up by a wide margin, it’s the Star Wars Legos sets. The movie trilogy became their very first franchised product way back in 1999 when the Star Wars movies became legendary. People were thrilled at the prospect of being able to build Lego toy sets that resembled various star ships and other iconic structures in the Star Wars galaxy.

Since then, Lego’s franchised sets have turned into classic American toys for the world’s youth. Today many adults are also fans of the product as well and have created their own custom Legos to share with fellow fanatics. A lot of other toy sets pale in comparison because they don’t have tie-ins with the famous products as Lego does. Thanks to the popularity of Star Wars Legos sets, the company’s popularity has spread and today with many more licensed sets, such as Lego Batman sets, Harry Potter sets, Indiana Jones and even Avatar: The Last Airbender Lego sets.

Star Wars fanatics and Lego fanatics alike can enjoy the intricate figure Star War’s General Grievous, or Lego Star War’s Darth Vader, or even the themes main good guy, Lego’s Star Wars Luke Skywalker. All Lego figures have been crafted to greatly resemble their movie counterparts, and many characters have their own Lego versions today. For the characters that unfortunately did not get their own Lego versions, many people customize their own figures and sometimes even sell those custom Legos online. This is even further proof that Legos enhance creativity.

Now, anyone can stage their own Jedi wars in the Star Wars galaxy by collecting various Lego sets and even building their own structures. There are hundreds of toy building sets out there that one can purchase for themselves and or for their child. Parents can enjoy spending quality, and valuable, time with their children while building their unique Lego creations. As for Star Wars Legos, they have become so popular that a game series was even launched, dedicated to the Lego characters. To this day, as the franchise continues to flourish via the newly released TV series, Clone Wars, new sets are being produced to keep up with the newer characters and more recent space craft, characters, and structures. New video games dedicated to Legos are also being planned, proving that people of all ages never tire of their Lego toy building bricks!

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Where can I buy online an official “EL SANTO” action figure? “EL SANTO” is a popular mexican super hero.

Question by Fabricio: Where can I buy online an official “EL SANTO” action figure? “EL SANTO” is a popular mexican super hero.

I’ve tried e-bay already. “El Santo “official website which is operated by his son, known as “el Hijo del Santo” does not send collectibles outside Mexico. Why official figures are so hard to get? Need an answer please…

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Answer by dadsgirl1million

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Barbie Dolls–history of the Most Popular Doll Ever

Barbie Dolls–history of the Most Popular Doll Ever

In 1959 the first Barbie doll was shown at the New York toy fair. Billed as “New For ’59,The Barbie Doll:A Shapely Teenage Fashion Model Price .00.” Thus was born the Barbie doll phenomenon which is certainly one of the greatest success stories in toy manufacturing. Prior to Barbie nearly all children’s dolls were child dolls rather than adult figures. Barbie changed all this.

In 1945 Elliot and Ruth Handler formed a partnership with Harold Matson to manufacture picture frames. The two names Matson and Elliot were combined to form the company name Mattel. Elliot used the picture frame wood scrap to make doll house furniture. This was the start of the Handler furniture business.

About this time Ruth noticed that her daughter Barbara and friends preferred to play with adult paper dolls rather than child or baby dolls. The girls preferred a doll which could be their role model when they grew up. Ruth realised that there could be big commercial possibilities in the adult doll market. She discussed the idea with her husband but he felt that it would be too expensive to start making the dolls.

Soon after this Ruth made a trip to Germany and purchased a doll called Lilli. This adult type doll was based on a German comic strip. On returning to the USA she began work to redesign the doll working with a doll clothes designer. The barbie doll was the result and it was named after Ruth’s daughter Barbara. The doll was patented by Mattel in 1958 and introduced in 1959. She was to become one of the most well known and well loved toys ever made.

Barbie soon became a collectors doll and was avidly sought after by adult collectors. From 1959 to 1972 the Barbie doll had seven distinct changes in her appearance and design. These Barbies made up to 1972 are recognised as vintage collectible dolls by their fans and are eagerly sought after. The 1959 Barbie doll in mint condition will sell for thousands of dollars. Some have sold for as much as 00 to ,000 but you can buy them for much less and 00 to 00 is quite common. Later editions fetch proportionately less. Dolls made in the 1969 to 1972 period can often be bought for a few dollars. Garage sales and flea markets are still the source of a few early dolls. About 300,000 of the 1959 Barbie were made and there are undoubtedly many out there still undiscovered.

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