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Where can I get TY Beanie Baby “BO” the Portuguese Water Dog?

Question by racer: Where can I get TY Beanie Baby “BO” the Portuguese Water Dog?
This is a beanie baby by Ty. It is said to be Obama’s puppy named “Bo”. I want to get this as a gift for my mom, she loves these dogs! If you know where i can get them or any website that sells them please let me know. THX. =]

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Answer by Ariel B
Ebay… but they are pricey.
They sold out on April 16th from TY

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Ty Beanie Babies Bo “The First Dog” Portuguese Water Dog

Ty Beanie Babies Bo “The Very first Dog” Portuguese Water Dog

  • Official product from Ty?s wildly common Beanie Babies Collection
  • Appear for the familiar heart-shaped tag that indicates you?ve purchased an authentic Ty product
  • Handmade with the finest top quality standards in the business
  • Collect Them All !!!
  • High quality for a low cost!

Each and every Beanie Baby two. comes with a secret code inside the hang tag which you will enter on the web at www.ty.com. Here, you can play games, chat, go on scavenger hunts, and care for your virtual Beanie Baby. The inside tag says: “I just want to jump and p

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ two.48