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Path of Exile Puts the Dark Back into Dark PC Fantasy Role-Playing Games

Independent games studio Grinding Gear Games today announced Path of Exile, a free-to-play PC online action Role-Playing Game (RPG) set in a dark fantasy world. The game will be available in early 2011. www.pathofexile.com
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My son tells his toys “no sir!” and puts them in time out?

Question by .: My son tells his toys “no sir!” and puts them in time out?
When my son does some thing he is not supposed to we right him with “no no”, tell him why he was wrong (Mommy doesn’t like it when you throw your toy, etc) and if he does it again he generally he gets a time out in the corner for 2 minutes for him becoming 2 years old. He’s completed properly with that nonetheless…..

My son has now gotten to the stage where he gives his toys time outs, lol. It is so funny to watch him tell his truck “no sir!” and put it in the corner. I don’t worry about that at all as far as men and women saying “oh he’s punished way too significantly if he does that!” since that is not the case, but is that a regular thing?

Does any person else’s toddler or child do that?
I guess I will ask what the truck did next time and see what he says :) I love the one who stated their 19 month old lined up stuffed animals and was pointing and saying stuff to them, lol. That produced me laugh!

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Answer by Danceismylife
Oh my gosh, I function in a child care center and in the toddler room the kids do that alot! It is funny to watch them put the dolls and stuffed animals in time out. I have worked in child care for numerous years and believe that is totally normal! And so funny!

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‘Bloody Andrew Jackson’ puts the pop in populism

‘Bloody Andrew Jackson’ puts the pop in populism
The first indication that things might get a little weird at “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” is the sight before the show begins of a large trussed-up, stuffed horse dangling from the balcony.
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Miners’ rescue brings a flash of global joy
The thing about rescuing the Chilean miners is that there’s no such thing as overreacting.
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‘Bloody Andrew Jackson,’ an irreverent Broadway rock musical, puts the man in Manifest Destiney
The new rock musical is drenched in sarcasm, camp, zaniness and silliness. As for Jackson himself, he’s not exactly the stuffy guy we see on the bill. Here, he’s a chiseled hunk, played by Benjamin Walker, who wears tight black pants, totes guns and has a fondness for Green Day-like eyeliner.
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