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Old School RPG Renaissance and Retro-clone D&D Role-playing Games

Barbarians of Lemuria BOL isn’t a retro-clone, but it does have a old school feel to it. Here are my two reviews of BOL Basic Fantasy Role-playing Game (Free) BFRP isn’t exactly a ‘retro-clone’, but a restatement of the B/X rules with some changes (splitting classes and races), and some d20 elements (armour class system, etc.) Castles & Crusades C&C has many tropes of older editions, with strict class roles and simple, class-based abilities without the complexity of skills and feats. It does however, use material from the OGL and uses a unified mechanic (d20, roll high) and an ability check system. Dark Dungeons (In Progress) Dark Dungeons is a Rules Cyclopedia & B/E/C/M/I clone that is in progress. Dragon Warriors Dragon Warriors was big in the UK, but not so much here in the USA. Dragonsfoot Forum Home of the OSR (Old School Renaissance). Dungeonslayers (Free) I don’t have much experience with this one. GORE D100 retro-clone Hackmaster Basic Labyrinth Lord Website & Forum (Free) LL is a ‘retro-clone’ of the 1981 Basic & Expert (Moldvay/Cook) D&D rules (extended up to level 20). Check out LL’s AEC (Advanced Edition Companion) which includes lots of 1st edition ideas into the easier LL ruleset. Mazes