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Will Disney “Cars” toys work on Hot Wheels race track sets?

Question by Erik: Will Disney “Cars” toys work on Hot Wheels race track sets?
I’m doing some research for my son, who only plays with Disney “Cars” toys — he really seems to want the Hot Wheels “Spin City” track set, but I don’t know if his toys will be compatible with it… And, I don’t want to spend money just to test… I’m hoping another parent out there will be able to help me…

Best answer:

Answer by escaped_mental_case
While I am not a parent, I can tell you that no, they will not work. The CARS toy cars are much larger and wider than the hot wheels one.

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Lincoln Logs Boulder Creek Town – Developing Sets

Lincoln Logs Boulder Creek Town – Creating Sets Greatest Prices
Sam’s Club membership needed for acquire. The nostalgia of Lincoln Logs featured in an old west theme. This 240 piece constructing set includes real wood logs for that classic creating expertise. Packed in a reusable plastic lid package perfect for…

Operating Erector Sets – Parachute Jump, Merry-Go-Round, Ferris Wheel

These Gilbert erector sets were built by Joe Deger. They make an impressive display when they are all operated at the identical time. Watch the parachutists jump, the horses rise and fall as the merry-go-round turns, and the riders ride the ferris wheel. Joe is a member of the Tidewater Division of the Atlantic Coast S Gaugers.


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1968 Youngest is Architect Erector Sets Photo Print Ad

1968 Youngest is Architect Erector Sets Photo Print Ad

  • Original vintage magazine advertisement print
  • Page size approx 8 1/4″ x 11″. Has a diagonal crease in bottom right corner of page.
  • Unique gift
  • Decorative collectible

An original vintage magazine ad print from the year published. Print ads make unique gift items that can be framed as artwork. Shipped flat un-framed in plastic sleeve with backing board.


Yard Sale Finds #8 Erector Sets

Three boxes of toy Erector sets I bought at two different places.

Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Bionic Battle Sets

Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Bionic Battle Sets

  • Trick Tracks Bionic Battle features a chain reaction of movements never before seen in Hot Wheels history
  • Hot Wheels car shoots at the robot and splits him in half!
  • The robot is defeated and the Hot Wheels car races to freedom
  • Includes 1 Hot Wheels vehicle
  • Exciting new Hot Wheels Trick Tracks adventures!

Crash and bash! With Trick Tracks, you’ll feel the chain reaction! Defeat the robot and race to freedom! Let the robot uprising begin! The Trick Tracks Bionic Bash Track Set features a chain reaction of movements never before seen i

List Price: $ 31.99

Price: $ 23.99

Erector Sets and other AC Gilbert Toys

This video is an overview of erector sets and other AC Gilbert Toys that were exhibited at the 2009 Fall Midwest Regional Meet of the AC Gilbert Heritage Society. The video depicts toys and advertising material from 1913 – 1962 with a voice-over explanation by several collectors on selected unique items, including the largest erector set ever produced. For additional information go to

Assembled Erector Sets

Here are just few assembled set by Erector. Get yours today at
Video Rating: 4 / 5