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T5 Soul Sessions Six: Stretch Armstrong

T5 Soul Sessions Six: Stretch Armstrong

Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop ;
Style: Breakbeat, Hip-House, Electro, Garage House.
Stretch Armstrong catapulted into the spotlight as host of the influential hip-hop mix show The Stretch Armstrong Show on NYC’s Hot 97 which helped break the car


LAUREN Thor Stretch Paisley Dress

LAUREN Thor Stretch Paisley Dress Best Rates
A classic paisley pattern in dusky earth tones lends a chic, rustic feel to the Thor tank dress, rendered for a flattering fit in slinky cotton-blend stretch jersey with a feminine flared skirt. Straightforward pull-on styling. Scoop neckline. Sleeveless…

Ralph Lauren
$ 54.99
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Ralph Lauren
$ 54.99
+ $ 8.00 shipping

DJ STRETCH ARMSTRONG – PLANTING SOME MUSIC IN 2010 – LIVE @ DO-Over NEW Over 1.1.ten & http present: Right after a KOREAN NEW YEAR’S w/ the FAM… ROLLED TO THE DO-More than for the NEW-More than! w/ the TRIBECAN GIANT! STRETCH ARMSTRONG! Pleased NEW YEAR! shout out to S-COUNTY! Pleased NEW YEAR!
Video Rating: four / five

Name of “stretch armstrong”-like toy from early 90′s?!? red, inflatable?

Question by Mr. StaCcs: Name of “stretch armstrong”-like toy from early 90′s?!? red, inflatable?
I cant figure it out for the life of me. My friend and I need to have aid

1992-1995 is around the time period.
It was a red latex/rubber “doll”/toy that could stretch (like stretch armstrong)
or you could pump him up, like a bike tire, and he would be “flexed”

Its driving us crazy… any help?

Best answer:

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Retro Stretch Armstrong Funny Dark T-Shirt by CafePress

Retro Stretch Armstrong Funny Dark T-Shirt by CafePress

Look cool without breaking the bank. Our durable, high-top quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton t-shirt is what to wear when you want to go comfortably casual. Preshrunk, durable and guaranteed.5.6 oz. 100% cottonStandard fit Funny Tee, TShirt, Shirt. Abou

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50 cent – Stretch Armstrong freestyle.

50 on the stretch armstrong mixtape

WWF Stretchin’ Wrestling Figure: Undertaker LIKE STRETCH ARMSTRONG 7″ MINT ON CARD

WWF Stretchin’ Wrestling Figure: Undertaker LIKE STRETCH ARMSTRONG 7″ MINT ON CARD

  • RARE AND Hard TO Locate
  • Wonderful COLLECTIBLE
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Stretch Limo:Advanced Stretching Vehicle

Stretch Limo:Advanced Stretching Vehicle

  • For use with Mini 7″ Stretch Armstrong
  • pop-up engine with missile launcher
  • pop-up hood scoop reveals battle armor grin

The Stretch Limo automatically transforms into a 17″ Battle Cruiser

List Cost: $ 119.00

Price: $ 119.00

Ready – Stretch – Garden!

Ready – Stretch – Garden!

Spring is springing and it is time to go play in the dirt, appropriate? Not so fast, Marge. Gardening and lawn function will support you discover muscles you did not know you had if you’re not physically ready for it. Specifically if your winter routine didn’t incorporate a lot of bending, reaching and kneeling.

Reduce the risk of injuries, skip the low-back pain and soreness, increase blood flow, improve balance and relieve tension with some quick pre- and post-gardening stretches. The following routine only takes 2 minutes for the warm up and you can use the identical stretches afterwards for your cool-down.

1. Neck. Stretch your neck by slowly moving your head from side to side, laying your head 1st toward 1 shoulder and then the other. Repeat a couple of times. Now move it front and back with your chin on your chest and then tipped back.

Hold for a few seconds.

2. Back and Shoulders. Bend forward at the waist and let your hands hang toward your toes. Roll your shoulders back and about, as if you are shrugging. This elongates your spine and loosens your back. Stand up slowly and place your palms on the back of your pelvis and lean back from the waist. Drop your head back and hold it for a few seconds.

three. Trunk. Reach 1 arm across your chest. Twist that identical direction. Although you’re performing that, reach the other arm behind your back. Do this 3 or four times, switching arm positions. This works the trunk and opens the spine.

four. Upper torso. Hold your arms straight out at shoulder height. Make fists. Pull your arms back as if you had been trying to touch your elbows in the back.

Tighten your fists and then push your hands in front once more. Roll your shoulders forward to stretch your upper back. Open your hands with your wrists flexing up and spread your fingers as you push forward. Do this numerous times.

five. Ankles and Lower Body. Lift your knee as high as you can and point your toes toward the ground as far as you can. Then extend your leg forward, with your leg straight and flex your ankle up, with your toes facing the sky. This will loosen most of your leg.

6. Knees. I like to add a couple of deep squats and lunges just to get my knees extra warm. Use a rake or chair for balance. Whilst I’m lunging I stretch and flex my fingers. This assists grip strength.

Continue your warm-up in the garden by starting slow. Whilst you function, be mindful and thoughtful about how your body is positioned. Attempt not to twist a lot or stay in one position too lengthy. Stand up at least each and every 10 minutes if you are bent over or on your knees.

Save the heavy lifting for later – say, a half-hour into it. Make sure you’re excellent and warmed up before you start moving pots and bags of soil.

Drink plenty of water! Set a kitchen timer if you need to be reminded. Every 20 minutes take 5 large gulps.

A excellent cool-down is even more critical than a good warm up. Soon after gardening, do not just sit down. Take 10 minutes or so and really stretch to keep that lactic acid from developing up and generating you sore later. Use the stretches above as a guide, but do them slower and longer.

Yet another surefire way to save your back, knees and hands from undo strain is to use ergonomic garden tools. Read Gardening Made Straightforward to see what I mean.

Valerie Paxton is co-owner of web superstore

WWF WF stretchin like stretch armstrong wf sycho sid 7″ action figure mint on card with wear- never opened and rare

WWF WF stretchin like stretch armstrong wf sycho sid 7″ action figure mint on card with wear- never opened and rare

  • 7″ IN SIZE


List Price: $ 199.95

Price: $ 199.95