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Queen : Thank Mego It is Christmas

Penny Mix Films Xmas 2007 video 4 of 5 Follow up to our 2006 Queen – Live at Megley animated toy video! Travel back in time to Christmas 1987 and see Roger, John and Brian visit Freddie on Christmas day. Includes recreations of favourite Queen videos. Produced with Mego toys by Penny Mix Films. Paul Rowley John Collier
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Saying Please, Thank You, And Excuse Me

Saying Please, Thank You, And Excuse Me

Saying Please, Thank You, and Excuse Me

I am 1 of the believers of sayingPlease, Thank You,andExcuse Me. I think that sayingPlease, Thank You,andExcuse Meis the foundation of appropriate etiquette and good social skills. Even so the usual situations make sayingPlease, Thank You,andExcuse Mebecome too typical. We turn out to be at fault to take it for granted.

On the other hand, correct etiquette and great social abilities are all about showing consideration for other people, and this could be expressed by constantly sayingPlease, Thank You,andExcuse Mewhenever the situation calls for it.

A simplePlease, Thank You,andExcuse Megoes a long way in showing a individual to be well mannered. SayingPlease, Thank You,andExcuse Meis the beginning of developing one’s social graces.

Early on during our childhood, our parents taught us how to sayPlease, Thank You,andExcuse Me. Nevertheless when we already we reached our teenage years we took for granted sayingPlease, Thank You,andExcuse Mebecause we were in a rebellious self-assertive stage. And then, by the time we became adults, we also tended to forget to sayPlease, Thank You,andExcuse Mebecause we frequently got carried away by the rush of our everyday lives.

Still, saying polite words such asPlease, Thank You,andExcuse Memakes our every day interactions considerably a lot more pleasant and friendlier. Not only that, sayingPlease, Thank You,andExcuse Meshows that a person has a excellent breeding.

Also, sayingPlease, Thank You,andExcuse Memakes life convenient, predictable, and even gratifying.

A sincerely and timely saidPleasehelps us make things completed our way efficiently and orderly, but in a polite way. Saying a sincereThank Youon the other hand, gratifies and graces the person who accommodated or helped us.

SayingPleaseshows utmost respect, while sayingThank Yougives due consideration. SayingPleaseandThank Youis the simplest and easiest way to develop very good social graces – as well as sayingExcuse Me.

SayingExcuse Memeans you are recognizing and respecting that typical space you share with other people. In other words, you are expressing consideration for the personal space of others whenever you 1) wish to catch someone’s attention, two) need to pass an individual who is in your way, or 3) want to apologize for interrupting the silence because you sneezed or coughed.

We can’t see individual space but we feel it. In all cultures, there is a need to have to keep it comfy, secure, or sacred. SayingPlease, Thank You,andExcuse Meare universally recognized and accepted ways to stay away from misunderstanding between two different cultures that interact inside their personal spaces. I’d considerably like to say that it keeps the peace and fellowship between two various folks. That’s how magical these basic words are. That’s why we really should keep the tradition of sayingPlease, Thank You,andExcuse Meeven in these contemporary times. The reason is since, it remains relevant. It remains a practical way of generating our lives a much a lot more comfortable place to live in.

(c) Ae Dechavez

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