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Getting collectible action figures is a long procedure as you need to feel which figures to decide on and which to ignore. You make an extensive search on-line and offline just before making a decision. It’s a stressful process. Well, your job is not done yet, following purchasing the figures you also want to take proper care of them so that you can gladly show them to your pals. You require to maintain your action figures toys often and for that here are some valuable ideas.

1. The Preservation –

The preservation of collectible action figures is not a complex method, it is quite simple. In fact, the packaging of these toys is not created to protect them from sunlight, so it is better to store your toys in a waterproof container away from windows or you can also store them in a cardboard at a place that does not permit moisture. Storing the action figures toys in the basement is also not a very good idea. When you store your figure toys in the basement in a cardboard packing and if the basement gets really cold, the packing might grow to be damp and the cards will begin to bend. Storing the collectible action figures in an airtight container is essential at places that have fluctuations in temperature.

2. Displaying the Figures

When you want to display your collectible action figures carded, you can do it at a location where the sunlight is not coming directly on the figures. At a place like a recreation room, you could hang them on the walls. And for loose (without having packing) action figures toys, a glass case or a shelf works well as lengthy as you maintain dust off them and also stop then from sunlight.

3. Typical Care of the Figures –

You really should also fight off dust and dirt that construct-up on the figures. When the figures get dirty, they can be simply cleaned by just soaking them in soapy water and scrubbing them gently with a soft toothbrush. Also the dust can be removed quickly with an air-propelled dust remover that is used for computers.

4. Caution for Packing –

You also need to take care of the backing as that cardboard employed is inexpensive and it can effortlessly bend or peel apart when improperly handled. Also, then natural oil of your finger may well cause the inks on the packing card to discolor when touched too frequently. All these points lessen the mint value of the action figures toys as mostly the collectors are concerned of such factor whilst getting a ‘mint on card’ action figure. So, if you store your toys in boxes, use sturdy plastic containers to keep out the excess humidity. Store each and every statue in separate plastic container.

5. Expanding Your Collection

When you collection starts looking paltry in your eyes, it is time to expand your collection of action figures toys. You need to replenish your collection each and every so usually to have the status of a prime action figure collector. While expanding your collection, maintain an critical thing in mind that high quality usually tops quantity.

So, 1st know what pieces you lack and which figures can improve the beauty of your collection. Always have the finest collection (yet cost-effective, do not go over budget) and take care of them.

So, maintain your collectible action figures in excellent condition always by following the above guide. This will give a long life to your collection.

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Tips in Choosing the Best Toddler Toys For Your Precious One

Tips in Choosing the Best Toddler Toys For Your Precious One

As a child reaches the toddler years, he begins to learn new things. He becomes curious and starts to learn his “firsts”. Being a toddler is a crucial phase in a child’s life. This is a year of milestones for him. Thus, it is imperative that parents give their child only the best toddler toys to aid in his proper development.

Each child develops at a different pace. There are those who develop quicker and there are those whose development lag behind others. If you want your child to become an achiever and to shine above his peers, be sure to give him all the attention, support, and encouragement he deserves. Moreover, give him toddler toys which can help develop his aptitude.

What are the best toddler toys for your baby?

There are many kinds of toddler toys. Toy makers have developed toys for specific age groups. In buying a toy for your precious toddler, make sure that the toy is designed especially for children his age.

For the one-year old toddler, it is best to buy him toys which can be filled and emptied. Two- to six-piece puzzles are also good. These toddler toys help develop the child’s ability in forming mental images of things.

Other toys best for this age group are squeeze toys, colored balls, assorted sizes of unbreakable mirrors, toy trucks, and colored books with vibrant and colorful pictures. Toddler toys like these help improve the child’s grasping and releasing ability, develop self-discovery, enhance creativity and imagination, and develop his conceptual development. Furthermore, toys that are imitations of real gadgets such as toy POS machines and toy cellular phones cultivate a child’s problem-solving skill and social and language development.

For the two-year old toddler, toddler toys such as mini cassettes, toy phones, toy trucks, building blocks, books of rhymes, picture books, and toys which let them play and hear music are the best. At two years old, a child can already form mental images of things, actions, and concepts. Likewise, he can already grasp the concept of simple puzzles and shape-sorting toys. He also hums and tries to sing and enjoys looking at colorful books. Giving him such toys would help develop these abilities.

At three-years old, a child already has the ability to speak clearly. It is at this period that he begins to ask questions about anything and everything that catches his fancy. This is the best opportunity to develop his mental ability. Toddler toys that are best for this age group are coloring books, toy PC, alphabet puzzles, easel companion sets, latches board, doll houses, dolls, and furniture set. Building blocks can also aid in the mental development of a three-year old.

Toy stores offer a wide variety of toddler toys. Make sure that when you buy a toy for your toddler, you buy only those which are safe for your precious one. Do not just buy any toy which catches your fancy. Buy those which have passed quality assurance and are truly baby-friendly.

For more tips and information about toddlers toys, check out

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Tips to Buy and Sell Barbie Dolls Online

Tips to Buy and Sell Barbie Dolls Online

Tips to buy and sell Barbie Dolls online

It is not unnatural that the online sellers repent for not saving their Barbie Dolls when they come to know the big bucks behind pretty doll business.

Barbie, the doll which has been attracting the worldwide kids and elders since 1959, is available for wide range of prices from to ,000.

One has to know the nuances of doll business to buy or sell Barbies online. For example, just handful of profit you can see if you put up a classic Bubble-cut Barbie for sale at low opening bid with no reserve.

Web reference

Thanks to Internet, one can get lot of information, pictures, quotes and suggestions on doll collection through browsing hundreds of websites. However, three websites are worth watching for latest updates and vast information of Barbie dolls.

Doll Reference ( is the best place to start off. This is a large, doll-collecting site, and the Barbie Menu is provided separately to find vintage Barbie & Friends of 1959 – 1976. There are more than 156 pages and nearly 2 thousand pictures in this section.

Official site for Mattel’s Barbie Dolls, Barbie Collectibles, ( cannot be ignored for your comprehensive information on Barbie Dolls business. From 1959 till today, it presents both classic and modern collection of Barbie Dolls and friends. Barbie fashions, newsletter to the members and space for showcasing member’s collection are the additional advantages of this website.

To get acquainted with the business lingo of Barbie Dolls, “Barbie Collecting Terminology” ( is a must watch. The website rolls out all kinds of letters/characters, abbreviations related to the title and their detailed information.

Tips to identify your Barbie

Markings encrypted on backside and back of the neck indicate the product details, in the absence of pictures. The condition of doll affects the cost like all other collectibles. Clothing, paint, torso, face and the condition of hair help you in determining the price. For a seller, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantage of these features. It is advisable that a buyer should ascertain the above, by sending an email or calling the seller if they are not found in the specifications.

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It is a sad fact of life that some people are dishonest, others forgetful, and others misinformed about dolls. Just like in a real life transaction at a doll show or shop, you need to protect yourself from being “taken” by the less-than scrupulous when you buy or sell dolls on the Internet at such online auction houses like eBay or, or in person-to-person direct sales from web sites. Unlike real life, when you purchase a doll online, you can’t inspect it yourself. As a seller, your biggest fears are someone not paying you after the doll is sent, or someone returning a doll to you that is in worse condition than when you sent it. As a buyer, your biggest fear is getting NO doll at all after you have paid for it, or a doll that is in much worse condition than described. Here are some things you can do to help protect yourself in online transactions, as both a buyer and a seller:


1. Get REFERENCES: If you are dealing with an unknown person or entity, find out the names of other people who have had successful online transactions with the seller, and CONTACT THEM, via e-mail or phone.

2. Send a CHECK, and not a money order, whenever possible (this is the reverse of what you would prefer as a seller). You can stop a check, but there is little you can do about a money order if things go bad in the middle of a deal.

3. Get EXTENSIVE DESCRIPTIONS. Ask questions if the initial description is not detailed enough, and make sure you receive answers. If you sense resistance, or receive evasiveness or vague answers, PASS.

4. Get PICTURES whenever possible. If the seller is not equipped to send them via e-mail, then request them via snail mail (computer-speak for US Postal Service).

5. Get a RETURN PRIVILEGE; You WILL get dolls that are over-optimistically described, and you WILL use this privilege if you buy many dolls online.

6. Use COMMON SENSE: If something feels “off” about the doll, the seller, or the transaction, or you just get a bad feeling, LISTEN to your inner self, and pass on the doll. It isn’t worth taking a chance, and your inner warning system is usually reliable. The few times I have been “burnt” on a doll, if I had paid attention to my misgivings, I wouldn’t have been!

7. Don’t be RUSHED: If the seller is in an undue rush (desperate for money; family emergency, raising cash), your warning system should go off. Another doll will come along; PASS

8. Get a PHONE NUMBER and an ADDRESS. Don’t rely on an e-mail address and a post-office box; both can be ignored or disappear. Call the phone number.

9. KEEP CORRESPONDENCE: Keep all computerized correspondence until the doll is delivered, in case there is a dispute.

10. Do NOT Take Part In A THIRD PARTY Transaction: Don’t buy a doll from x who is either selling or shipping it for y. This is a recipe for disaster; you can get caught in the middle of a dispute between the two parties. This has happened to me; a lady went on a long vacation, left a doll with a friend to ship when my $$ were received. They had a dispute over postage and shipping costs (and, she stiffed her friend on the electricity bill). I had to pay postage and handling on the doll AGAIN (my cheapest option to get out of this), while the two parties continued to argue and I didn’t get my doll for nearly a month!

11. Does The Transaction Sound Too Good To Be True? Is someone offering you a perfect Jumeau for 0? RUN, quickly, in the opposite computerized direction.

12. Don’t Buy Dolls that are TOO EXPENSIVE Online: Set a limit that won’t be TOO painful if all of your precautions are of no use, and you get stuck with the dog doll of the century, or, even worse, no doll at all after payment. Remember, only YOU know what is too big a risk for you to take–for one person, it might be . For another, ,000.

13. SHIPPING INSURANCE: It is a good idea to have this, in case your doll is lost or damaged in transit.


1. Get REFERENCES. Does the buyer pay their bills? Get e-mail and phone references from online transactions to make sure.

2. MONEY ORDERS AND CHECK CLEARANCE: When you sell, money orders are best for YOU. Money Orders are best. If you accept checks, make 100% sure it has cleared your bank before you ship the doll.

.3 Get a PHONE NUMBER and ACTUAL ADDRESS. Don’t rely on an e-mail address and post office box or a PMB. Call the phone number.

4. DISCLOSE ALL FLAWS: As mentioned above. Be 100% honest, or you will end up with unsuccessful transactions and returns!

5. Have POLICIES ON PAYMENT: Also as mentioned above, and stick to them

6. Offer a RETURN POLICY–I offer return for anything that is NOT as described (purchaser finds a flaw I didn’t describe, etc.) and a more liberal policy if asked for it up front.

7. Keep CORRESPONDENCE, DOCUMENTATION AND PICTURES: Since you DO offer a return policy, you need to protect yourself against the unscrupulous buyer who may return to you a DIFFERENT doll of the same type, which is in worse condition than yours (this is not very common, but could happen). I know one lady who sent out a mint #6 vintage Barbie, and what was returned to her was a very played with #6 Barbie. At least until the transaction is successfully completed, keep everything in case of a dispute.

8. Make The Buyer Purchase SHIPPING INSURANCE. It will help you have peace of mind, in case the box doesn’t arrive. Also, it gives you proof of successful delivery.

9. Ship PROMPTLY, and let your customer know when to expect shipment. If you are going on a one week vacation, and can’t ship that week, let your buyers know in ADVANCE so they don’t get nervous when their e-mails to you aren’t answered.

10. UPS VS. US MAIL?: This is a personal choice; I have had good luck with Priority Mail, Insured. My UPS packages are often received more mangled than my post office ones, because UPS ships so many heavy packages. BUT, UPS has a marvelous tracking service; you can track a package with your computer. So, for my very expensive or large dolls, I DO use UPS. Both services offer return receipts for a fee, and for expensive dolls, I would purchase this extra peace of mind.

11. PACK the doll well. You DO NOT want to have an expensive doll ruined in transit. You will have a headache to deal with, a ruined sale, and an unhappy customer.

I hope these tips are helpful; in future articles, we will cover buying and selling dolls via eBay and other online auctons, as well as buying and selling dolls via other methods on the Internet.