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Schylling Toys – Erector Set – Unique Edition Case

www.ThinkFastToys.com Erector Super Construction set builds 25 models and comes with a 6v battery operated motor. This is a special edition item specially developed for actual constructors and collectors and coming in an attractive storage case. “sm”

He-man and She-Ra christmas unique part 1/5

Merry Christmas to all my existing and future subscribers! Get pleasure from this Filmation Holiday Unique from 1985. This video is the property of Sony Photos. From all the Masters of the Universe, to all of you – A merry christmas!
Video Rating: 4 / five

G.I. Joe: Unique Missions Vol. two

G.I. Joe: Special Missions Vol. 2

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It takes A Real American Hero to handle these Special Missions! Presenting G.I. Joe’s Unique Missions, remastered, recolored, and collected for the very very first time! Collects G.I. Joe: Unique Missions #8-14.

List Price: $ 19.99

Cost: $ 6.44

How can I make an interesting mask or doll using unique materials?

Question by Erica Bardo: How can I make an interesting mask or doll using unique materials?
I’m doing art project for class. We have to make a mask or a doll that represents someone we know. Instead of using the typical clay or paper mache, my professor wants us to use more inventive materials. Can anyone think of some unique materials I can use? Or has anyone ever seen or made a really creative doll or mask? I’d love to hear your ideas. Any websites or pictures of creative dolls or masks would be appreciated too. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by  ☥♡☮ 
make doll or mask of someone, with different materials, other than clay or paper mache,

~ you could try melting down wax, like in a wax museum,
~ cut out a 3d form for mask out of heavy paper or bristol board,
~ you could try cloth materials and sew together in patches colored and stuffed like a pillow, or scare crow,
~ you could bake several pieces of cookies or a cake and place together in shapes, and make eatable like gingerbread house,
~ lots of wire like coat hangers and heavy gauge electrical wire, bent in a sphere shape of person,
~ tie lots of tiny balloons together to make bobble head person
~ use sand to cover Styrofoam shape and make person or head bust
~ go through your recycling material, tin, plastic, containers, make a pinata full of candy, out of recycled pieces,
~ use real or fake flowers to compose a portrait of person
~ use diodes or lite-brite, to make person out of lights

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