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Vajazzle Me Barbie: The New Vajazzling Barbie Doll Barbie and her pals have joined in on the new craze of adorning your vajayjay and body with Swarovski Crystal tattoos. Jennifer Enjoy Hewitt started it and now beauty spas are becoming inundated with girls wanting to be vajazzled. Now you can get to function on vajazzling your self from the comfort and privacy of your own property with our inexpensive Vajazzle Kits! Everything you require to vajazzle at residence is included in our Vajazzle Kits. Our genuine Austrian Swarovski Crystals are waterproof, allergy tested and dermatologist approved. The temporary tattoos last for 2 – 5 days or a lot more and the crystals are reusable. Alcohol wipes and a velvet gift bag are also included in each and every Vajazzle Kit! http : Buy Vajazzle Kit : Vajazzling Videos : Vajazzling Photos