Tamiya Honda Fit plastic model build video part 1

Tamiya Honda Fit plastic model build video part 1

This will be a video log of me building a Honda Fit plastic model kit by Tamiya. I was mainly building Gundam models up until ’08. I then got a Paasche airbrush and used it to build a Ban Dai Nautilus submarine model from the anime Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. My wife and I then worked on a red FG Char Zaku gunpla together and used the airbrush for that too. I made some mistakes on that one, but it was a learning experience. So when our daughter was born in May of ’08, I suddenly lost the time to work on models. During this time, I mainly painted small anime figures that came with various models. Off and on I was working on an Ertyl Star Wars Snow Speeder model, but I totally messed up with salt weathering it and got discouraged. I’ve also slowly been working on a Dairugger XV (Voltron) model, but that’s been sporadic. So as my New Years Resolution, I’ve decided to start working on this Honda Fit model. I welcome all comments and criticism as long as it isn’t just “U SUCK LOL.” Suggestions are welcome. I hope it turns out well.

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  • stevethefishdotnet:

    @TheRocketSilo Mmmm… “Dainty?” Not sure what you mean. You mean the Fit model? This is the first car model I’ve attempted to build. I have Aoshima’s Knight Rider season 4 K.I.T.T. model that I look forward to building, but I want to tackle this Fit model first.

  • TheRocketSilo:

    If you have previous experience,you should graduate up to something less dainty.
    you have the right paints for it

  • stevethefishdotnet:

    @ToppervisionEnt Yes, that’s Tom Servo! it came with a limited edition DVD box set. I made a Tom Servo Head and painted it with Testors spray paints. You can see in my video of my living room (check my channel).

  • ToppervisionEnt:

    Looks to be a great kit, and yes, who could resist the right driver option. Just now realizing there’s a part 2 so I’ll see you over there. But there’s a bunch of us here posting model videos. Do I see Tom Servo from MST3K up there by the paint?

  • ModelloursWorkshop:

    very interesting

    i’m following (:

  • mycollectionz7000:

    hey i’m into models especially honda models….i should start modeling again

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