Teddy Bear Song

Teddy Bear Song

A cute small flick about teddy bears and life
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Teddy Bear Song”

  • lalochaloca1:

    im 28 and will love them 4ever

  • pertygal456:

    on 1:47 , there is such an ADORABLE teddy bear!!!!! (: OMG so cute!!

  • pertygal456:

    Its such an adorable music video!!!!!

  • shadowfangirl4life:

    aww how cute! :3

  • TheTattyTeddyFan:

    im 11 still sleep with teddies obsessed with em’

  • GwenBeauregard:

    Never too “old” to have a Teddy Bear, or stuffed animals
    if that is what you like. It’s very personal. Some people
    collect art, some people own pot belly pigs, some people
    collect music, others collect art, there is no “age” for
    developing and keeping a hobby. We love our bears.
    Nobody is going to understand it if they don’t collect
    Teddies. I own eight and I’ve given away dozens over
    the years, most often to total strangers. So there. :) )

  • mangodelight1:

    It made me cry….
    I have two friends for proof!!

  • christianfilmer1500:

    cool vid!!:D

    I don’t have any teddy bears,but my Grandpa is the one(along with one of my grandpa’s friends) that Wrote this song!

  • wildfission:

    Why is everyone having joy when this song always gives me tears in my eyes?

  • DMStarFlash:

    this song is not about teddy bears, this video is about Love, and heartbreak… but you wouldnt notice coz you guys still go to sleep hugging stuffed toys.. -_-

  • cuzybaby:

    Thumbs up if you love teddy bears
    my teddy bear would want thumbs up

  • donovanlover100:

    bahahah tylerrrr jamessss, this song is dedicatedd toooo youuu, my tedddyyy beaarrrr(: lmaooo im tooooo weaaaakkk!

  • brummiesean:


  • hoggardborhane:

    @xXRockyCoCoXx I’m 26 and still love playing wid teddy bears. diz makes my 7 months baby lough

  • KoraBlue:

    i am 17 and i love my two cute teddy bears *-* ♥

  • rigby608:

    @teddy1626 the que estas hablando.I am rigby608 and callate

  • teddy1626:

    ese soy yooooooooooooooooooo

  • skittles126016:

    i love teddy bears like if u do to :D

  • caityboo91:

    im 13 i sleep with 3 teddy bears i take them everywhere they are my best friends and all my friends pay me out but i dont care i dont think you can ever be too old for teddies

  • otilutzy:

    I’m turning 15 and have a teddy named Lukey.
    He’s actually my best friend. He’s there when I cry, and he doesn’t make me regret things I said, or thought or done :”)

  • fiddlefingers12345:

    I love this song. i’m gunna be 17 and when i sleep over somewhere i still bring my teddy bear :)

  • JuStInCrOsS1000:

    I love stuffed animals…
    When someone tries to beat up or tear a stuffed animal ..I move my head from the terrible look ;(
    and when I go home I cry privately ;(
    My heart just Breaks when I see this.

  • mstaylorswiftlover21:

    @PaulinaH727 yay!! *hugs Paulina

  • PaulinaH727:

    i’m starting a teddy bear army~ i love teddies soo much. i have a lot of em XD and im 15 goin on 16… i shall always love teddies~

  • PaulinaH727:

    @mstaylorswiftlover21 *gives you a virtual teddy bear* ^ -^

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