The Gentleman Gamer: All Flesh Must Be Eaten Review

The Gentleman Gamer: All Flesh Must Be Eaten Review

In which the gentleman in question responds to a private messaged request, and reviews All Flesh Must Be Eaten, a zombie horror role playing game.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • clackclickbang:

    @UltimateGinger1 Exactly. Humans are the deadliest animal.

  • UltimateGinger1:

    im basing my on the walking dedwhere the dead arnet the only thing what is deadly

  • clackclickbang:

    @leon3129 Thank you very much for your compliment and for watching!

  • leon3129:

    well you have a review for every rpg i look up but thats good i think you do a great job at reviewing

  • Tschenggo:

    @clackclickbang As I actually tried it, playing a character that starts out as “you” works really well in this system. You know most of your players will have computing, driving a car and some might even have a basic understanding of martial arts. Alone “driving a car” in an outbreak or skills like “acrobatics” might as well save you from the zombies. Our start back then: you play with your friends pen’n'Paper, as a green glowing meteor shard penetrates the window and panic spreads on the street

  • Tschenggo:

    Been playing in a all flesh campagin for 3-4 years(starting out as actually me), and we found that the system kinda breaks once you brech the 100XP mark. By the point sure you a re rulewise beyond superheros, yet I think it is best played as a short adventure rather than a big campaing…though it is possible. In my case I was first human, then killed, then raised as undead and leater by divine intervention again human. Overall an absolute great game and also the one I started rolplaying on.

  • clackclickbang:

    @cwilla321 I think that could work, but it should be a dangerous game for the characters unless they’re trained soldiers.

  • cwilla321:

    I’m going to be running a game of this but, here why I wanted to bother you they all want to play themselves, and from what I can tell they want it to be set in our hometown. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • clackclickbang:

    @LifegrindX My favourite game? Planescape. My favourite system? Storytelling System.

  • clackclickbang:

    @Gentlemenlygamer You heard of me? How lovely!

  • LifegrindX:

    I’m curious as to what your favorite game and system is?

  • Gentlemenlygamer:

    wow i just heard of this person from my friend searching for my channel last night O_o

  • clackclickbang:

    @MrDeanb1982 Revised. Pretty much every fault with 1st was ironed out.

  • MrDeanb1982:

    Great game, can’t wait to get it. Would you suggest the revised version over the 1st.
    Dunno the differences.

  • clackclickbang:

    @MusicMan53100 Tee hee :o )

  • MusicMan53100:

    I think if I DM’d this for my friends, theyd all want to kill Joe (1 of my other friends) cause hed always attract zomnie attention. Id have to put my hands up and say “dance puppets, dance!”, itd be so funny cause id get to watch them all turn on eachother.

  • clackclickbang:

    @ScreamingDoom Oh I’ve had plenty of ideas since this review and since last running All Flesh, but I have always found that the zombie genre is somewhat predictable. As much as I love the Walking Dead comics as well as World War Z, you kind of know what’s going to happen.

  • ScreamingDoom:

    I’m honestly a bit surprised that you have trouble keeping an All Flesh campaign going; I always thought it was one of the easiest to keep going.

    After all, after the initial outbreak, the PCs have to find a safe place they can hold up for a while. And then there’s constant improvements to it and raids for resources through zombie territory. And then there’s the problem of what to do with the lawless survivors who want what you have. That’s not counting the possibility of finding a cure.

  • clackclickbang:

    @thingjob God the films really did drop the ball, didn’t they? I think I could have directed a better bloody version.

  • thingjob:

    @darnpenguin Totally agree. Resident Evil should be about ordinary heroes battleing mosters.

  • jordakai:

    Omg with Dustin Hoffman? that movie was epic!

  • clackclickbang:

    @darnpenguin You’re right of course; Qualities and Drawbacks. It’s just that I play a lot of WoD, or read a lot of it at least, so those are the words that stick in my head.

  • darnpenguin:

    This was the game that brought me into roleplaying games. Unisystem is a beautiful system.

    Also, Merits and Flaws are World of Darkness terms. I believe you meant Qualities and Drawbacks.

    Also, the Resident Evil movies would have been good zombie flicks on their own if Mila “I’m with the director so I get to be a psychic superheroine” Jovovich hadn’t been involved. What could have been.

  • 12thUntitled:

    @VoraxTranstellaris i think its one of the most useful books on afmbe

  • VoraxTranstellaris:

    @clackclickbang I also like the sci-fi supplement All Tomorrow’s Zombies. It contains plenty of material to be used with other Unisystem games as well.

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