The Gentleman Gamer: Call of Cthulhu Review

The Gentleman Gamer: Call of Cthulhu Review

In which the gentleman in question talks about Call of Cthulhu; one of the quintessential roleplaying games.
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  • clackclickbang:

    @CiofiPlay It’s a tabletop role-playing game. You sit at a table with friends (one through to six is a good base number) and take on different roles, facing off against the unknown evils of the void. Great fun.

  • CiofiPlay:

    hey man what kind of game is this? i’ve only played coc dark corners of the earth and that got me into cthulhu mythos ! you can play it alone or do you need other persons to play with! an answer will be really appreciated!

  • clackclickbang:

    @kesinpa The Cult will expand to envelop the world.

  • kesinpa:

    Awesome review. We need more COC fans.

  • clackclickbang:

    @leon3129 Keeper material is all in the Call of Cthulhu rulebook. In my book there are no rules for moving the era to modern times or the Victorian era. I believe you may need another book for that, although it can be tweaked easily enough.

  • leon3129:

    when you want to be the keeper is that all in 1 book or is it in multiple books like dnd. and i hear that there is a modern an 1890 game as well is this in a core rulebook or is it a sourcebook?

  • clackclickbang:

    @Orkman Well Cthulhu is a fairly easy game to create new characters for, and you can always play an NPC the group have met, a relative or friend of a PC or similarly another researcher into the occult, but also not every single character goes mad or dies, even though that is the stereotype. It really all depends how you play. CoC is ultimately a game you need to play with patience, prudence and intelligence. Madly charging in will always, and I mean always, get you eaten by a shoggoth.

  • Orkman:

    This sounds like a good game but ive got to say how do you keep a game going if your characters constantly die or go insane? how can you keep shoe horning them in?

  • clackclickbang:

    @peri2502 Hurrah!

  • peri2502:

    @clackclickbang that would be very appreciated! I’ll suscribe :)

  • clackclickbang:

    @peri2502 Hmm… There is a Ghost Stories supplement for World of Darkness. I own it, but I’ve not read it from cover to cover yet. I will do soon, and hopefully I’ll record a review for you.

  • peri2502:

    I am not really a fan of Lovecraft’s novels. Slimey, ancient gods that take the form of distorted masses of flesh with eyeballs in it really don’t do much for me. I’d be interested in a more subtle and traditional RPG that is more down the road of classical hauntings, family curses and such. Does anyone have a recommendation or suggestion?

  • clackclickbang:

    @WalGunPro088 Thanks for watching!

  • WalGunPro088:

    Good stuff and Great Review!

  • clackclickbang:

    @scullkrusher I have never played Delta Green, but keep hearing fantastic things about it.

  • scullkrusher:

    I really love this game also. It inspired me to pick up a book of Lovecraft’s stories and read them. I also like that it’s a “all in one book” yet the supplements for it are really well. My favorite of the supplements being Delta Green.

  • marceloyanez111pt2:

    Music playing in the background

  • marceloyanez111pt2:

    Has my sanity gone down to 0 or is there classical

  • marceloyanez111pt2:

    I love coc

  • clackclickbang:

    @venusboys3 Definitely. I find Cthulhu such a rules-light game most of the time though, that a GM screen full of rules isn’t really necessary. You could use one from any game or setting.

  • venusboys3:

    There’s not a whole lot of difference between the various editions so there’s a good chance that if you find a screen for an older version a lot of the info is going to still be relevant.

  • clackclickbang:

    @sboxjunk Unfortunately, not that I’m aware of. If you’re looking for some of the latest 6th Ed books though, I recommend the Chaosium website. There’s some decent material on there.

  • sboxjunk:

    I’ve just bought the core rules (6th edition). Is there a keeper’s screen available for that edition?

  • woodwwad:

    D&D, COC & OWOD are all my favorites, so I will not dispute that at all. I’m a huge Lovecraft fan. Dreams in the Witchouse is my favorite of his stories. I’m not currently playing any COC, havn’t played any in about 4 years & your review is really making me hungry for some mythos.

    The COC board game is great too, one of my friends bought me that last xmas, very fun.

  • clackclickbang:


    It is definitely one of the best.

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