The Pussycat Dolls – Bottle Pop

The Pussycat Dolls – Bottle Pop

Music video by The Pussycat Dolls performing Bottle Pop. (C) 2009 Pussycat Dolls, LLC
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “The Pussycat Dolls – Bottle Pop”

  • uskitin:

    There are 5 members in the group, why the hell am I just seeing Nicole all the time? god…

  • jcsb164:

    i love this song not the dance

  • nastarika:

    Such Awesome Gals..

  • 53heal:

    full of beauty

  • Veruste:

    2.59 funny =D

  • personofworld:

    i really want that DOLL ring nicole has

  • RawRKazumiRawR:

    @Ecstasy023 They sing every now and then but as back up. But they signed up for it so I guess they don’t mind.

  • esepologaga:

    me encanta!!!

  • xxxLivUrLifexxx:

    Such a catchy beat! Her hair is so thick and long -its gorgeous :D Nicole can sing amazing live too! Love her headvphones 0: 26 :p

  • Lagartaaaa:

    @Ecstasy023 I just agree, because she does everything..
    Nicole makes everything.. and Melody its like the one who can bring her voice out….

  • OnyxLyrica:


    Actually, they were promised participation in each song. Even verses for the second album. Apparently Nicole didn’t like that, and suddenly the content in their contracts changes.

    You can look that up

  • SHRN14:

    she is so fake

  • sarajanebby:

    @Ecstasy023 well for one they get a fair bit of money, and they have a foot in the door of the music industry, they could go on and be solo singers now if they wanted it would be alot easier for them now to do that then it would for another person.;

  • owen121091:

    @Ecstasy023 to be entirly honist i think they are happy with the money they get for danceing in afew videos and doin abit of back up singing look at kimberly wyatt she got sick of it and left to go on her own they arent being forced to do it

  • Zorangi94:

    @repelsteeltjefiets *jAjAjA That Was Terrible LOL

  • InoLovesSai:

    plus they r all equal
    and they have al no each other since they were yong i am a cousin to the gurl wit long blond hair so excuse u all yal so yal need to consider to not always put it around “nicole” so they r al goodall can sing all r equal so there fore yall should sut up etc

  • scissorhnds1:

    i no all the other girls are never in it .it is so weird

  • 1423626:

    I love nicole. She’s the best.

  • lilakyla09:

    @Ecstasy023 they all sing but not in all the songs they have a fair share

  • Davidalolo:

    This video could have been much better

  • HONEY13444:

    @TheHeather26 haha i do too! they are all HAWT ! and imma gurl ;)

  • xXLivingxDeadxGirlXx:

    @xxDia101xx I totally see where they’re coming from in regards to the singing issue.
    However I would be more than happy being a dancer in that group! lol :)

  • xXLivingxDeadxGirlXx:

    @TheHeather26 XD
    oops got the outfits confused while typing, sorry!

  • xXLivingxDeadxGirlXx:

    Which blonde? (There’s 2.)
    The one in the pink with the mohawk is Kimberly.
    The one in the´╗┐ blue is Ashley.

  • TheHeather26:

    @xXLivingxDeadxGirlXx Okay lol so its ashley I like then. The one in the blue.

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