This Fantasy World – (D&D) – video by Brad Jonas – the Doubleclicks

This Fantasy World – (D&D) – video by Brad Jonas – the Doubleclicks

Animation by Brad Jonas: iTunes: Lyrics and more below: Lyrics: You’re sure not tall, and you’re not all that attractive, Cause you’re a level-8 dwarf and you drink too much ale, you drink way too much ale. But you’ve got a nice axe and you know how to use it it’s +2 against zombies and the moment you set foot in this campaign you set a magic missile on my heart and charm person on my brain Dungeons and Dragons Yes I like playing Dungeons and Dragons with you yes I do yes I like playing Dungeons and Dragons But I want to get you out of this fantasy world and into my fantasy and out of this basement and into the sun Dungeons and Dragons One time you saved me, by setting the oncoming horde of golems on fire and one time you saved me from the mouth of a volcano cause you can levitate which was a very clever spell choice and I think the other players might be starting to suspect, cause you’re always saving me when shit turns to heck but this is so much more than Dungeons and Dragons (chorus)…where you could be my boyfriend and we could go out to dinner/Dungeons and Dragons As we finish this battle, and we slay the dragon and look around her lair for loot like gold and magic items, I look around this room at all these fucking nerds and their fucking dice and their primarily windows-based computers and their Doritos and Mountain Dew Everything here is disgusting but you… Dungeons and Dragons

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  • MrJohnkb:

    I like playing DDO too:) And i miss my favourite person on there, she had to leave because of personal reasons, and iv’e never met anyone as good as her, both in game and out:(

  • thedoubleclicks:

    @TheRealBackRow We don’t have the tabs written up – but if you noodle around on a G,C and D you may be able to figure it out. It’s not super complicated.

  • TheRealBackRow:

    This is totally awesome! Can I have the tabs?

  • Squeejee09:

    Is it bad that I like nerds and stupid dice and primarily windows-based computers and Doritos and Mountain Dew? Who cares, awesome song! Sub’d!

  • filiperodriguesaquin:

    Thumbs up if you cried ^^

  • RobLucci3:

    @TheDoctorpeppor Maybe he needs *puts sunglasses on* a constitution check. Bow chicka bow wow.

  • deitiesalbum:

    This is 100% amazing. I’m also putting together an entire album based in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. I can only hope it stacks up to this.

    Go to Kickstarter and type in “Deities!”

  • Syd6655321:

    @caryjyoung thanks so much, that’s great! :)

  • caryjyoung:

    @Syd6655321 Some combination of C, G, and Em. As I recall, those were the only 3 she knew when she wrote this song.

    Hopefully that’s enough to go on for now!

  • Syd6655321:

    Anyone know the chords? I’d really appreciate them!

  • RockingJamboree:

    Wonderful song. Wonderful animation. You have a new fan and follower. Subscribed. Be well and rock on!

  • aperionproject:

    This is fantastic, I just started smoking the d&d crack. I can add a trumpet line to this, might sound nice when the strings come in. Don’t worry, my trumpet is +2 against orcs and has sonic frenzy which protects the whole party.

  • TheDoctorpeppor:

    Knowing the exact number you have to beat to hit your target is efficient. You just roll the dice, add your bonuses, and see if it’s higher. thac0 makes you do more calculations than are necessary. Granted I don’t mind doing the calculations, it’s just not efficient at all. What’s the point in doing extra calculations when you can just read the number straight off the die?

  • Oluutaa:

    @TheDoctorpeppor What’s wrong with thac0? It’s an efficient and effective system.

  • TheDoctorpeppor:

    There is no 4e. It’s 3.5 or nothing. 4e is for people that think 3.5 was too complicated (thac0 doesn’t count because that was just ridiculous)

  • Tobbzn:

    In 4E, Will defense is deduced from the highest of Wisdom and Charisma.
    Not sure what constitution has to do with it. Perhaps endurance of will?

  • KWDragon:

    Loved the song and went right to iTunes to buy the EP. So, when can I buy the music video there? I would gladly drop another $1.99 for the privilege.

  • edheldude:

    @M4alcolmtent My group hasn’t had infiltrators but many times a succubus has lured a player out of the group to real life. It’s a pain to find replacements.

  • Kenna7:


  • LuckyGoesHaha:

    @MidnightSun009 lol no not at all!

  • Oluutaa:

    Really? You allow multiclassing?

  • twh115:

    @M4alcolmtent Diddums have waaaay too much Mountain Dew? I thinks someone diddums.

  • TheDoctorpeppor:

    Yeah, if I’m gonna live a life repelling women, I might as well be right about something in the process. With all my stupid nerd friends and all my stupid books and my stupid dice and my primarily windows based computers and my Mountain Dew.

  • MidnightSun009:

    Is it bad that I realised the dwarf was cleric class based on the lyrics?

  • alcorenilth:

    I am hopelessly smitten with this song.

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