Toy police cars

Toy police cars

Toy police cars

Image by GlacierTim
I went up in a helicopter over Los Angeles and took this photo. It was a very ho-hum photo that was destined to sit on my hard drive for years without ever being seen – until I saw the digital tilt-shift effect. This effect makes a picture look like a miniature and only takes about two minutes to complete in Photoshop. The effect works best on photos that have the camera perspective of looking down on something which is similar to how we would stand and look down on a scale model. Essentially the effect blurs the foreground and background of the photo, and then turns up the saturation on the colors. I don’t know why this technicque tricks our brains into believing we are looking at a scale model, but it seems to do just that.

So, what do you think of my toy police cars?

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