Toy Rings

Toy Rings

Toy Rings

Image by Anthony Cain ©
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well my little one was cranky, getting to be his nap time and probably a little hungry too, so my time was limited. Anyone who’s got kids knows how HARD it is to get them to model for you.. so gimme a tiny bit of credit for this pose, if nothing else. :-)
He’s been biting these rings lately, so I was hoping he’d bite down on them on the stand and that was how I envisioned the shot. But all in all I’m pretty happy with it. I wanted the rings to glow and to have the profile view.

Strobist Info: Canon 580 EX II fired from behind my son, just under his right shoulder bent at 90° facing up. Flash on Manual and set to 1/8. Camera set on AV and triggered by a Canon off-shoe cable, that my son is actually laying on top of. (wireless ebay triggers in route) I also have 1 halogen 100w behind the toy rings.

Out of the 20+ photos I fired off I liked only 2 of them. 1 had the profile I liked, but for some reason didn’t have any glow of the colored rings, and the other had the glow but the profile wasn’t good. In photoshop I cloned the colored glow rings into the photos with the nice profile, then I converted the entire image to black and white then back to RGB. I then again cloned the colored rings on the black and white image… vola!


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