Toy Story

Toy Story

Toy Story

Image by Ŕooners
Hey buddy, trust me, the armgun aint gonna work…you’re an action figure…a TOY!

Notes: Inspired by Evan MacPhail’s "Buzz Lightyear".

10 Responses to “Toy Story”

  • Boyce Duprey:

    Lol. Nice one. Toy Story 3 started in cinemas here last Thursday. My kids are already driving me nuts to go see it.

  • [FFFB]:

    LOL! Love This!

  • Dudesnbots:

    Great text!

  • sHaY110:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Toys collections ALL OVER THE WORLD!, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  • Evan MacPhail Photography:

    Great work. Love those Doctor Who toys. I heard today that there is going to be another Torchwood series. Can’t wait!

  • Sam*Elsden:


    Where did you buy the super poseable buzz?! I’m dieing to get one!

  • middle distance:

    The background colour and lighting are excellent.
    Cant’ wait for Toy Story 3!

  • Big_Zee:

    you pics would look really great on t shirts

  • The Indestructible Enforcer:

    Maybe the Cyberman will be the star of Toy Story 4! Send this to Pixar, they’d love the idea!

  • Ŕooners:

    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [][] []
    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
    Thanks for the comments, faves and invite. I have to admit that I’m suprised at how popular this photo has been :)

    Thanks (and thanks for the fave too!). I bought this a long time ago and cant remember where exactly…sorry.

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