Travel Etch A Sketch

Travel Etch A Sketch

Travel Etch A Sketch

  • The classically simple Etch-a-Sketch is one of the best-known toys of a generation and remains popular today.
  • No batteries, No problem. The classic Etch a Sketch is powered by skill and imagination.
  • The Travel Etch a Sketch is the perfect size to take along those long trips.
  • Every child deserves an Etch a Sketch.
  • Recommended Age Range 3 and Up.

If you can dream it, you can draw it-and now, it’s a snap to take it along with you! Hit the road in a creative way with this travel-sized version of the all-time favorite classic drawing toy. Travel Etch A Sketch looks and operates exactly like the

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List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 9.79

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  • Anonymous:

    Review by for Travel Etch A Sketch
    This is a timeless toy – this size is great for traveling, it keeps little hands busy and is QUIET! It’s also sturdy and doesn’t have little parts to drop and roll under the seat.

  • Anonymous:

    Review by for Travel Etch A Sketch
    My boys both have one of these, because we take long trips home to see the grandparents. They love them. They both with them for quite a while before wanting to move on to something else. Good bang for the buck!

  • Vicky J. Keston:

    Review by Vicky J. Keston for Travel Etch A Sketch
    I ordered this for my toddler to play with on the airplane. However, you can barely see the lines, and it won’t erase the pathetic lines that are on it. I was counting on this, and the manufacturer and seller let me down.

  • Ana Clara Sancovich:

    Review by Ana Clara Sancovich for Travel Etch A Sketch
    I bought it for my daughter just before the release of Toy Story 3. It’s not in the movie…, but it’s a great toy! And the smaller size makes it perfect for taking along on trips and for older children. Loved it!

  • Alfred C. Dutton:

    Review by Alfred C. Dutton for Travel Etch A Sketch
    The Ohio Art Etch A Sketch (EAS), is a great imagination booster for children, and yes, adults too. Go to the Ohio Art Website for a comprehensive look at all the Etch A Sketch models and better prices too!

    Fast shipping of well packed product, in brand-new condition bring your child their very own EAS in short order, and make Ohio Art the place to go for this wonderful toy. I for one am tired of buying from Amazon sellers who send damaged items, then blame the USPS for “rough handeling”. They take no responsibility for their having sent you a damaged item, or packed it so poorly that normal bouncng during shipment damaged the item. Then there are those who blame YOU for substituting a broken item for their “perfect” item, and trying yo “SCAM” them. Do yourself a favor. Before buying from any Seller here at Amazon, read through their history. You will be enlightened by the buyer comments, and the sometimes violent, verbally abusive, rebuttals from less than stable Sellers.

    Amazon does their best to take the sting out of this type of experience, but in the end, you’ve been hassled, insulted, and had to pack and send back the product, at your own expence, to a quite often, angry and abusive seller who hates you for giving them less than high marks for their unprofessional business dealings and attitude.

    Avoid the problem. Buy from Ohio Art, they’re great people to deal with! I bought my 4 year old Daughter both the travel, and regular Etch A Sketch models when her ancient Travel Etch A Sketch gave up the ghost, and expired. Ohio Art even offered to repair or replace the defunct EAS at NO CHARGE! I refused their kind offer because my Daughter’s EAS had been a “hand me down”. The new ones Took 72 hours to arrive, and they arrived in beautiful shape, wrapped in bubble-wrap and paper, then packed securly in a 200lb test corrugated cardboard box, and I paid less than what the sellers are asking for here.

    Some Amazon sellers do not have a firm grasp of reality. Nor do they even consider that you might look to the manufacturer to see their pricing. I don’t think some of them even look at the page where they’ve listed their items. E.G.: a page can show a NEW item for $[...] and an identicle, USED “Collectible” item for $[...], or $[...]. Amazing what the word “Collectible” can do in the mind of some Sellers!

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