Vintage Dungeons & Dragons Commercial

Vintage Dungeons & Dragons Commercial

Retro D&D Commercial from early ’80′s
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  • ThePhatIndian:

    I wish I had gotten in on it from the ground floor, now it’s all very confusing.

  • eladimir:


  • ZtriDer:

    …. ztrider slaps curbsideprophetlz with a big can of irony and humore, critting for 100x damage multipyer for failing to notis the obscure way ztrider writes how the critical hits.

    Well… Unlsess you play Rollemaster you wont have this obscure strange critical wierd hits to happen. Try not to be so seriouse when reading ;) Read what it sais and read between the line.

  • curbsideprophetlz:

    @ZtriDer Spells don’t critical hit. Even if they did, it’d only be a damage multiplier, which is in no way reflected into a one shot kill.

  • GodKnight9000:

    @ZtriDer Yeah magical crits are rad.

  • ZtriDer:

    @curbsideprophetlz Nah, a critical hit trough its nose hitting its brain :p

  • DarkWizardMonkey:

    I feel sorry for the dragon :/

  • BigBear2474:

    This is a serious before they were stars video. at 0:05 you have Matthew Lilard, Alan Ruck at 0:11, and Jami Gertz at 0:12

  • deguello66:

    Those were the basic rules that they were advertising. Wherein an adult red dragon usually only had 55 or so hit points. If the wizard scored a 20 on his to hit roll and diced over 28 points of damage the dragon would have been killed. Red Dragons are fire breathers and had no immunity to lightning. Such were the basic rules of my teenage introduction to the greatest fantasy role playing game of all time. I was just 15 in 1981 when I played my first game!

  • Ex0dusBegins:

    Chuck Norris killed a dragon with a one sided dice…..

  • DaandenHartog:

    @Strijdparel Haha, behoorlijk zelfverzekerd ;)

  • DisembodiedClarity:

    @stiffgrain You should always cheer when you’ve completed a quest or defeated an awesome monster!
    Every win is a victory! Treat it as such!! :D

  • codydean10:

    pathfinder is the best system. in my experience

  • coloosher:

    @curbsideprophetlz of course it gonna to die by an lighting bolt it haven’t been upgrade to version 1.0 ish yet

  • raidersSolja:


  • SonnyTheWhiteDwarf:

    More fun than any videogame — except for Grand Theft Auto, of course.

  • TrNdke:

    @stiffgrain Yeah, I guess that hearty “Huzzah!” they gave as their wizards and hobbits were plundering the red dragon’s treasure really made them look like a bunch of nerds. Oh wait…..

  • stiffgrain:

    For real, did they really need to cheer… -_-

  • SheltonShenanigans:

    @azl899 Stole the text from out of my keyboard. Well said

  • thebishop72:

    @curbsideprophetlz depends on who’s casting it.

  • bloodlesXxXvampire:


  • Froggatt:

    Can you imagine a commercial like that being shown on TV now? All the brainwashed capitalist drones would be like “Huhhh use imagination?”

  • 1978DarkKnight:

    Oh god the nostalgia! lol… too cool

  • azl899:

    @Strijdparel As seen on the video I highly doubt it…

  • RahNinjaBlade:

    There is no running away actually, so here’s a new phrase.
    “Stay to fight, or DIE!!” :D

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