Why did people not like “Masters of the Universe”?

Why did people not like “Masters of the Universe”?

Question by markwillstar: Why did men and women not like “Masters of the Universe”?
I watched it once again earlier nowadays for the very first time in years and i cant believe of a factor wrong with it..

Wonderful story line, some of the biggest cast of its time, stayed with the principal story line of the series, great charector selection, almost everything.

But but ive noticed it listed as hated and low rated by several

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Answer by mysticalkfae037
I thought it was good, perhaps some didn’t like the aspect of the characters coming to our world. They need to have put in some more of the characters, and maybe the animals and stuff, but dolph lungden as he-man was great, so was evil lynn and skeletor. I actually wished when I was little they had she-ra in it. Perhaps if they added her they would have gotten far more audiences even though it could have been girls. Maybe they didn’t make the movie right at the height at he-man, wasn’t it created far more in the late 80′s?

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