You are Master of the Universe!

You are Master of the Universe!

You are Master of the Universe!

As a kid, I use to watch a lot of action television shows and the villian world often have one objective on his mind and that was, TO TAKE Over THE UNIVERSE (echoing universe). Each villian wanted to somehow discover a way to control the universe so they could do whatever they wanted to do but the hero would swoop in and ultimately foil their plans.

I’m here to tell you correct now that you do not have to be a villian in order to try and manage the universe, you can do that now!

One of the definitions of the universe is, almost everything that exist anyplace. Here is where it gets tricky, do you believe thoughts exist? 1 of the definitions for exist is, to have actual becoming and one of the definitions for becoming is, something, such as an object, AN Thought, or a symbol, that exists, is believed to exist, or is represented as existing. Whew, that was kind of confusing.


Ok, given that all that was stated, let me get to the point. Since thoughts exist, consequently they have a location in the universe but not only do they have a location, they have control more than the universe.

Think of some thing, anything. Lets just say………your preferred song. If nobody believed of the pen, there wouldn’t be you favorite song. What about the wheel? If the cavemen in no way thought about the wheel, there wouldn’t be vehicles. These thoughts have moved the universe since the universe had to move about these thoughts.

To give you a model of what I mean, feel of the universe as a operating stream of water and your thoughts as a big rock. Once you feel of some thing that you want to do, that is just the exact same as dropping the huge rock into the operating stream, the stream and the universe has to recognize that its there and move around it and keep flowing.

In conclusion, your thoughts, and with acting on them, control the universe. You are master of the universe. You are he man or woman. Your thoughts are your magic sword. YOU HAVE THE Energy!!!!!!!!!!!! (another He – Man Reference lol)

Hi, I’m Will Barnes, Life Coach. I’ve been a Life Coach for a several quantity of years. Very first, unknowingly with family members and pals, then soon after recognizing my talents for coaching and life experiences, I’ve decided to support other people outside of family members and pals as a career. I’ve helped numerous people turn out to be their ideal self and you could be subsequent!

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